The right thing for everyone

The right platform makes it immensely easier for a team to work together on demand, independent of location, and efficiently. KIT offers a wide range of tools, which are clearly presented here in connection with the different use cases. The following overviews and selection aids should help to find a suitable tool for the respective purpose. A list of all services on the topic of collaboration (groupware) can be found below
Zeigt ein grafisches Schema mit Kreisen (Werkzeuge) und Kästchen (Szenarien)
Everything at a glance - scenarios and tools

At KIT, there are a variety of offerings that enable collaboration and make it more efficient. Here, all common use cases and tools are presented at a glance.

Screenshots of different Tools for editing and providing documentsSCC
Working on documents

For the joint processing of documents and files, the SCC provides various platforms for different usage scenarios.

Symbolic picture - two persons communicate with
Stay in contact

Video conferencing systems and digital telephony enable quick exchanges, brainstorming, meetings, seminars and lectures. Very important when selecting the tools: Consider the protection requirements of the content.

Person is chatting via Smart PhoneAsterfolio on Unsplash
Quickly write a message

For fast and secure written communication in real time, a chat tool like Matrix is a good choice. Chat functions are included in MS Teams and Zoom. E-mail (mailbox / mailing lists) retain an important role. Here, too, the need for protection of content must be taken into account.

Symbolic picture with a neonlight question markEmily Morter on Unsplash
Online polls

Whether for anonymous voting in committee meetings of KIT, for live feedback for active participation in discussions, or for collecting opinions, choose the right tool here.

Collaboration (groupware)
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)

This IT service provides a central web-based platform for
collaboration and communication of teams at KIT
(organizational units, working and project groups).
If required, access can also be enabled for external users. 

Hilfe & Support

The ticket system of the SCC is used to record and process all requests to the SCC. In addition, organizational units of the KIT (OU) can use the SCC ticket system to manage OU-specific support processes.

Microsoft Teams is a cloud platform that combines chat, meetings, video conferencing, notes, collaborative file editing and sharing, and tasks. This supports teamwork and especially collaboration with colleagues in a hybrid work environment.

Functionalities/possibilities offered by MS Teams in general are limited at KIT.

Provision and operation of the infrastructure to enable video conferencing for committees and KIT facilities. The BigBlueButton (BBB) software package is used.


Videoconferencing service, for example, to hold project meetings with research colleagues or project partners and to look through documents online or to hold events with a partner institute at a national or international level.

Lehr- und Lernsysteme

Video conference for oral examinations

For conducting oral examinations via video conference, KIT hosts the web application Jitsi Meet. Apart from a suitable web browser, no other software needs to be installed. The KIT recommends the use of this service for conducting oral examinations via video conference.

Software und Lizenzen
The SCC operates the GitLab platform for KIT at The SCC provides the service in cluster mode for up to 3000 concurrent users starting in early July.
Software und Lizenzen

The easy-to-use, collaborative, online LaTeX editor Overleaf is available to all KIT employees and students. This software is a cloud service at A portal has been set up for the KIT:

Webauftritte (Homepage, Domain)
The SCC is running the web content management system Open Text Website Management (formerly RedDot) for websites of KIT institutions. The term Content Management System (CMS) describes systems that allow the separation of editorial content, i.e. texts and images, and their presentation in the form of a layout and navigation structure.

The CMS Open Text Website Management enables easy creation and editing of web pages without programming knowledge and provides templates (standard frames) for this purpose. The templates can be changed in parts and thus form an individual appearance in KIT's corporate design.
Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)
The Matrix service enables secure, encrypted real-time communication in a simple way. Among other things, text messages can be sent and calls or video calls can be made.
Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)

Implementation (creation and evaluation) of anonymous online polls for committee meetings and appeal hearings at KIT with LimeSurvey