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MySQL 5.7 databases

MySQL is an open source database system that is particularly popular in the web environment. The SCC operates a highly available MySQL cluster for KIT employees and students.


Currently the self-service functionalities: Main Account, Subaccount Creation and Password Reset are not available via web.
Please contact for support: kamil.wisniewski∂, Tel 28645.

MySQL 5.7 Service

The new MySQL server is available via the name:


Example: mysql -h -u [username] -p

EXPORT - IMPORT procedures

If you prefer the export-import procedure on the command line then you need a MySQL client specific to your

specific MySQL client for your operating system.

The simplest example of the two operations:

$ mysqldump -h -u user_name -p --databases database_name > my_databases.sql
Enter password:

Log in with your MySQL user
$ mysql -h -u user_name -p
Enter password:

On the MySQL command line, run:

mysql > source /path/to/my_databases.sql

Encrypted access to MySQL databases

MySQL uses a secure password authentication algorithm even over an unencrypted connection. However, the data is still transferred in plain text - if this is undesirable, the MySQL connection must be encrypted.

Unfortunately MySQL still does not support the delivery of a certificate chain - only the pure server certificate is delivered. Therefore every client must check against theused sub-CA - on machines with a small nursery it is best to take the directory /usr/common/machine/etc/X.509 or the file /usr/common/machine/etc/X.509/all.crt for this.

MySQL client:
To get encrypted access, --ssl-ca=/usr/common/machine/etc/X.509/all.crt must be specified;
with \s the SSL: line can then be checked.

To enable encryption,MYSQL_CLIENT_SSL must be specified as client_flags when callingmysql_connect() .

\$db_handle = mysqli_init();
mysqli_options(\$db_handle, MYSQLI_OPT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT, true);
mysqli_real_connect(\$db_handle, \$servername, \$username, \$password, \$dbname, 3306, NULL, MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL);
mysqli_set_charset(\$db_handle, 'utf8');

Perl can access viaDBI andDBD::mysql .


If you don't have sufficient SQL knowledge, you can also administrate your MySQL databases withphpMyAdmin.

Daily backup

Currently there is a nightly dump to the file system, which is backed up via TSM archiving. For restoring older versions please contactMySQL Admin.

MySQL documentation

For further information please refer to the MySQL documentation, which is available inEnglish.