• Mailing lists DFN

  • This service provides all users of the DFN (German Research Network) scientific network with distribution lists for e-mails for operating their own lists.


Mailing lists are e-mail distribution lists that can be used to send e-mails to a specific group of recipients at the same time. A mailing list contains any number of e-mail addresses as members. The e-mail sent to the mailing list address is automatically sent to all registered addresses.

The list operator can define the configuration of the lists individually according to his needs. Mailing lists can be made available to a closed circle of users or to the public. They can also be used as a discussion forum or as a pure distribution platform (e.g. for newsletters) and can be moderated if required.

For each mailing list, an archive is provided as needed. The list operator decides whether the archive is accessible only to registered members or to the public.

Access to the DFN Mailing Lists service
To use the service, the website www.listserv.dfn.de is available. New lists are set up upon request. After registration (e-mail address of the list operator as well as password), the list operator can configure the list independently via the website. Alternatively, list maintenance and configuration can be done via e-mail.

Spam protection
All e-mails addressed to mailing lists are checked for their spam probability and marked accordingly. Emails marked as probable spam are forwarded by the mailing list server to the moderator for confirmation by default.The list operator can also define their own filtering rules based on this flagging in the list configuration. One possible rule would be, for example, automatic deletion of emails with high spam probability.

Virus protection
All e-mails addressed to mailing lists are scanned and treated for viruses. Despite regular updates of the mailbox virus protection, absolute protection against all viruses cannot be guaranteed.

The customer receives technical advice on questions regarding the setup, configuration and operation of the lists as well as fault handling within the defined service hours.

www.listserv.dfn.de Service access to the DFN-List service

Included services

  • Setup of new lists and deletion of lists no longer required
  • Directory of existing lists
  • Provision and storage of archives (currently unlimited)
  • Individual consulting
  • Problem and fault handling

For the DFN-Verein:

  • Operation of the DFN-List with database and archiving function
  • Provision of the required basic hardware and software equipment (listserv license is provided by DFN-Verein) incl. maintenance
  • Provision of the service under the name "listserv" in the domain "dfn.de
  • Operational monitoring and stabilization
  • Preparation of monthly statistics


Services not included


  • No administration of individual mailing lists (the list operator is responsible for configuration and member administration)
  • No support for questions regarding the content of a mailing list

Organizational requirements

  • The customer must be a user of the DFN scientific network. For employees of other organizations, the approval of DFN must be obtained.

Technical requirements

  • Internet access
  • E-mail software



D-Grid lists



The DFN mailing list server also hosts mailing lists for the d-grid.de domain. In this case, forwardings from the domain d-grid.de to listserv.dfn.de are set up on the Exchange server.
The list is configured so that the D-Grid address of the list is displayed as the sender of the list emails and this address is also specified as the reply-to address.
The list is managed via the website www.listserv.dfn.de.

The functionality of this service variant is thus also supported by the service module
Mailbox store Exchange (Campus North)dependent.

Included services

In addition to the services provided for all DFN mailing lists, the following services are additionally provided for the D-Grid mailing lists:

  • Request for forwarding from the domain d-grid.de to the domain listserv.dfn.de for new mailing lists.
  • Request for deletion of forwarding for mailing lists that are no longer needed.


Services not included

see IT service mailing lists DFN