• Poolservice at SCC

  • This service provides KIT organizations with a pool infrastructure for computer-aided exercises.

    For the duration of the protection measures during the corona crisis, the SCC provides remote access to the centrally managed pool computers. Further information can be found in this news article.

Pools at SCC

!!! Due to recent events the poolrooms will remain closed until further notice !! There is a remote access to the centrally managed computers (see above).

For several years now, the SCC has been operating several workplace pools for students. At the moment there are more than 400 PCs, where you can choose between Windows 10, Debian Linux or the bwLehrpool during the boot process. Most of the pools are accessible (via KITcard) also outside of normal opening hours.

The entrances of the SCC are accessible continuously from Monday 8.oo o'clock until Saturday 19.oo o'clock, at night only the entrance at the ramp can be used.

Notes for students:

  • Some license terms of the installed software, allows only the use for educational purposes. Therefore commercial developments on these computers are not allowed.
  • New here? Then our first-step flyer for free practice will help
  • If there are no courses, the pool rooms can be used for free practice. Please note the relevant SCC notices. However, course events have priority.

Notes for course tutors:

  • Courses must be registered with the SCC, for further information please see: http://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/9471.php
  • The SCC takes over the operational organization, the coordination of the equipment allocation and the maintenance supervision of these pool rooms.


Occupancy plan for the current semester


Here you can see the occupancy plan of the pool rooms in Campus Management even without registration: Pool room occupancy.

Pools - Opening hours

Current reference

!!! Due to recent events the pools will be closed until further notice !!!

However, the SCC provides remote access to the centrally managed pool computers.

Information about Pool service at SCC
Information about remote access

Campus South - Pools A, B, G, H, I

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09:00 - 19:00
Sunday + public holiday

Campus South - Pools C, D, E, F, K, L

07:00 - 20:00
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