Wifi Configuration

This document explains the connection to KIT Wifi on Windows 10 and 11 for KIT and eduroam. The configuration of eduroam is analogous - simply select eduroam from the list of wifi networks.

You might need to remove the wifi network if the authentications fails, and add it again.

Authentication for KIT and eduroam

  1. Click on the WLAN icon in the bottom right corner in the task bar. A list of available networks will be displayed [figure 1].

  2. Choose KIT, click on "Connect" and log in with your KIT user name and password (e.g. ab1234 does-not-exist.kit edu or [figure 2].

  3. Check the certificate fingerprint [figure 3]. The correct fingerprint is:


    If it matches, click on connect.

Figure 1: Wifi List
Figure 1: Wifi List
Figure 2: Username/Password
Figure 2: Username/Password
Figure 3: Verify and Accept Certificate
Figure 3: Verify and Accept Certificate

Securing the connection

To prevent rouge access-points from phishing your KIT credentials, you need follow the steps outlined in Windows manual configuration to secure the connection.

Deleting an existing network

  1. Click on the WLAN icon, then "Network settings" [Figure 8].

  2. In the newly-opened window click on "Manage Wi-Fi settings" [Figure 9].

  3. Click on the Wifi network you intent to remove, then click on "forget" [Figure 10].

Figure 8: Wifi Networks on Windows 10

Figure 8: Wifi Networks

Figure 9: Network settings on Windows 10
Figure 9: Network settings
Figure 10: Forget Wifi network
Figure 10: Forget Wifi network

Manual Configuration

Exact steps of configuring a Wifi network manually are documented in Windows: manual configuration.