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 2022-11-16 12:00

LSDF Online Storage: Not available - UPDATE (25.11.22)

DescriptionUPDATE, 25.11.22, 3:25 p.m.

Due to very large amounts of data, the file system checks could unfortunately not yet be completed.
Access to the data in the LSDF Online Storage is therefore still not possible.

We regret this long outage.
_ _ _
UPDATE, 24.11.22, 11.15 p.m.

Since Monday, 21.11.22, we have performed several consistency checks. The results of these checks are being verified by the manufacturer support.
Unfortunately, during the checks, which take up to 24 hours per file system, crashes occurred, so that they have to be repeated. Under normal circumstances such work is done in parallel, but the current problems in the cluster mean that we cannot work in parallel.

Unfortunately, this also means that it will take longer until we can make concrete statements about the availability of the data.

We apologize for the ongoing outage.

_ _ _
UPDATE, 21.11.22, 3.30 p.m.

On 18.11.2022 the LSDF had to be taken completely offline and isolated in order to stabilize internal operations for troubleshooting. This was successful, so that important maintenance processes could be carried out for all file systems over the weekend. Whether this work was successful must be confirmed today with load tests and renewed file system checks.

Together with the manufacturer support, the resulting data will be evaluated in order to be able to ensure the consistency of the user data.

Together with the manufacturer support, a possible candidate for the cause of the file system failure was identified. This points to problems in the Infiniband network that only occur in conjunction with certain firmware/software/configuration states and which may have been triggered by the load of the original file system check. We are currently investigating possible paths to update above components.

We apologize for the ongoing outage.

_ _ _
UPDATE, 18.11.22, 2 p.m.

Due to given reasons and to avoid further problems in the file system, the LSDF Online Storage has to be switched off urgently.
This also means that read-only access to the data is NOT possible anymore!

Thank you for your understanding.

_ _ _

LSDF Online Storage (bulk storage for scientific data) - - is not available.

Access via all normally available protocols (ssh, scp, sftp, https, webdav, nfs, cifs, ..), as well as access via connected HPC systems to
the LSDF data are affected.

On the HPC login nodes, LSDF login cluster, LSDF WebDAV cluster, and NFS/SMB cluster, all LSDF file systems except lsdf02 read-only are available.

We are working with the support team to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.
Affected usersLSDF user
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  2022-07-26 13:30 - 2022-12-31 00:00

TCS: Network migration at DE (conversion BCD (VLAN))

Network migration are planned for service units (DE) whose workstation terminals are supported by Technical Client Support (TCS).
The implementation will be carried out successively by TCS.

Due to a change in the network structure, some, especially older PCs, notebooks and printers, are affected by the changeovers.
In the following we would like to explain the implementation.

Finer network segmentation will increase the security standard for the secure operation of workstation terminals. The goal is to provide a separate network segment for the computers of an OU. This facilitates central administration by Technical Client Support. It will also make it possible to set up flex workstations.
Furthermore, this changeover is necessary in connection with the Executive Board resolution of July 11, 2022 regarding the deactivation of so-called legacy domains.

SCC employees will carry out on-site inspections to record the devices connected to the network sockets in the OUs.
The computers will then be assigned to a new network (VLAN). This is generally not expected to impact or disrupt users.
Printers that still have the abbreviation "ZUV" in their names will be renamed. Due to this name change, it will be necessary to set them up fresh on the PC. This adjustment will be accompanied by Client Technical Support.

EFFECTS (not to be excluded)
We would like to point out that the following rare effects may occur on desktop or notebook computers:

  • Due to a new network affiliation, firewall rules may change that are required to access the systems that are relevant to you.
  • Due to a new DNS name and different firewall policies, you may no longer be able to access your client via remote desktop.

If you experience any of these issues, or if you have additional questions, please contact Client Technical Support (TCS) at
  2022-11-25 16:05 - 2022-11-30 18:00

ILIAS: Urgent updates needed - not available - UPDATE 28.11.22

UPDATE 28.11.22, 13:40 Uhr

Please note!
The following platforms are currently still under maintenance

The updates of the following platforms could be completed, they are available again:
  • Training platform - and the

_ _ _
Updating systems, necessary security updates must be applied in the short term.

Teaching and learning systems
Learning platform

During the entire maintenance period, the learning platform will not be available.