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 2024-03-20 00:00

Connection problems in the wired KIT network access possible - UPDATE (09.04.24)

Description- Update 09.04.2014 10:00 a.m. -
On Friday, April 5, we took short-term measures that became effective the following Monday morning by reloading the affected network components. This alleviated the problem and, from our point of view, there are currently no disruptions. However, as these can still occur, we are monitoring the situation and working on a sustainable solution to the problem, which will take some time for KITnet to fully implement.

- Announcement -
There may currently be connection problems with wired network access via IPv6 in buildings on Campus South.
Connections via IPv6 may not be established by individual devices or may have a high packet loss rate.
The underlying cause of the problem has already been identified and a sustainable solution is being worked on.
Affected users
WorkaroundIf possible, affected devices can switch to WLAN to avoid the problem.
Exists since2024-03-20 00:00