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 2022-09-29 23:59

Microsoft Exchange Mailservers not reachable via the Internet

DescriptionMultiple potential zeroday vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange have recently been disclosed. As the criticality is currently still unclear, but could in the worst case lead to a takeover of the Exchange servers, we have deactivated access to the Exchange servers from the Internet as an immediate measure. This was decided in coordination with the Exchange team. OWA ( as well as Outlook will only work from the KIT network for the time being. Please use a VPN connection. On-site service is also working normally.

Mail clients like Thunderbird, which use IMAP for mail retrieval and SMTP for sending mail, continue to work over the Internet.

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Affected usersEveryone that uses OWA or Outlook via the Internet.
WorkaroundUsing a VPN connection or working on premise.
Exists since2022-09-29 23:59


  2022-07-26 13:30 - 2022-12-31 00:00

TCS: Network migration at DE (conversion BCD (VLAN))

Network migration are planned for service units (DE) whose workstation terminals are supported by Technical Client Support (TCS).
The implementation will be carried out successively by TCS.

Due to a change in the network structure, some, especially older PCs, notebooks and printers, are affected by the changeovers.
In the following we would like to explain the implementation.

Finer network segmentation will increase the security standard for the secure operation of workstation terminals. The goal is to provide a separate network segment for the computers of an OU. This facilitates central administration by Technical Client Support. It will also make it possible to set up flex workstations.
Furthermore, this changeover is necessary in connection with the Executive Board resolution of July 11, 2022 regarding the deactivation of so-called legacy domains.

SCC employees will carry out on-site inspections to record the devices connected to the network sockets in the OUs.
The computers will then be assigned to a new network (VLAN). This is generally not expected to impact or disrupt users.
Printers that still have the abbreviation "ZUV" in their names will be renamed. Due to this name change, it will be necessary to set them up fresh on the PC. This adjustment will be accompanied by Client Technical Support.

EFFECTS (not to be excluded)
We would like to point out that the following rare effects may occur on desktop or notebook computers:

  • Due to a new network affiliation, firewall rules may change that are required to access the systems that are relevant to you.
  • Due to a new DNS name and different firewall policies, you may no longer be able to access your client via remote desktop.

If you experience any of these issues, or if you have additional questions, please contact Client Technical Support (TCS) at