• Certification service

  • Certification service based on X.509 certificates for users and servers with associated documentation. X.509 certificates are also used for signing and encrypting e-mails, among other things.

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The SCC provides the user with central certificate services based on X.509 certificates. X.509 certificates enable secure communication on the Internet.
Within KIT, there are two different certification authorities (CA) that issue certificates:

When working in the Grid environment (GridKA), it makes sense for KIT members to apply for a grid certificate.

Included services

  • X.509 certificates for users
  • X.509 certificates for servers

Organizational requirements

You are a member or affiliated of KIT and have a valid e-mail address of the following domains: kit.edu, uni-karlsruhe.de, uka.de, fzk.de.

Technical requirements

For user and group certificates:

  • Use of a browser supported by the SCC for the application: Chrome/Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, macOS Safari.
  • Use of an e-mail program supported by the SCC: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, macOS Mail.

For server certificates:

  • Possession of a valid user certificate.

Instructions and further information for user and server certificates can be found on the KIT-CA homepage.