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  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

  • Software subscription to support academic teaching.


Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly Microsoft Imagine) is a software subscription available free of charge to KIT students and staff as part of the EES contract.
The tools and technologies provided via the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription may only be used for academic teaching, academic projects, and non-profit research work. In particular, they may not be used for administrative purposes or for administrative and secretarial tasks. See usage guidelines for details.
According to the target group, Imagine is offered in two versions:

  • Imagine Standard for members of a non-MINT faculty.
  • Imagine Premium for members of a STEM faculty

MINT refers to fields of study in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.
The differences between Imagine Standard and Premium are described here:


KIT students and staff can access Imagine via the

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching portal

Retrieve individual licenses. Login to the portal is done using the KIT account. To download the software via the portal, you need a downloader, which is currently only available under Microsoft Windows.
For the use of Imagine licenses in pool rooms, the IT managers of a faculty, representing all institutes of their faculty, can obtain access to an MSDN subscription from the SCC (contact person see above), through which further license keys can be retrieved.


Usage guidelines

Microsoft's usage guidelines can be viewed at


Included services

The general scope of Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching services is described at and, respectively.

Services not included

The SCC is not responsible for the scope of services of Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and can only assist with logon issues related to Shibboleth.