• Atlassian-Accounts

  • SCC provides account management for using Atlassian software services, such as Jira, Confluence, and Trello. This allows linking KIT accounts or kit.edu email addresses to accounts in the Atlassian cloud so that the KIT user account (username and password) can be used to access Atlassian cloud services (single sign-on).

Service Description

Atlassian is a provider of various software development and collaboration services, such as Trello, Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket. These services are not provided by the SCC, but are operated by Atlassian directly in the cloud (Atlassian Cloud) and must usually be licensed for a fee based on the number of users of a service.

The use of Atlassian services requires the registration of an Atlassian account. Atlassian accounts with "kit.edu" domain are considered to belong to the "KIT" organization. If you register an Atlassian account with "kit.edu" domain ("...@kit.edu"), this account will automatically be managed account of the KIT organization.

Access to Atlassian services on sites of KIT institutions or external institutions is possible via the managed account without any restrictions. The SCC will not have access to services and sites used or administered through the managed account.

Included services

Please contact the SCC ServiceDesk only for issues with the managed Atlassian account. The SCC is NOT able to provide product support for Atlassian services.

Managed accounts of the KIT organisation can be edited, disabled or deleted by the SCC. You will see an appropriate notice in your Atlassian profile, such as "Your account is managed by your organization". Among other things, in the Atlassian Cloud, with your managed account you can....

  • set the visibility of the profile between "Everyone", "KIT", and "Only you".
  • NOT change the email address of the account yourself. Please contact the ServiceDesk for assistance. It is not possible to change it to an email address with a domain other than "kit.edu".
  • NOT delete or deactivate the account yourself. If you wish to delete your Atlassian account, please contact the ServiceDesk.

If your Atlassian account may have been deactivated due to prolonged non-use, you can have it reactivated through the ServiceDesk.

Services not included

As the SCC does not have access to the services used in the Atlassian Cloud, consequently no support can be provided for Atlassian services. Please use Atlassian support or support from your Atlassian partner through whom you purchased your licenses.

In addition, please note that the following still applies or cannot be provided by the SCC:

  • NO automatic clearance by Data Protection or IT Security to use all Atlassian services, please contact ISB and/or DSB if needed
  • NO free use of Atlassian services, such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket etc.
  • NO coverage of costs by the SCC for existing Atlassian services
  • NO support by the SCC when using Atlassian services (unless it relates to the managed account)
  • NO automatic access to sites and services used internally by the SCC in the Atlassian Cloud

Organizational requirements

  • None

Technical requirements

  • Web browser
  • Email address with "kit.edu" domain