New at KIT - Information for 1st Semester Students

First semester students

Information especially for new students about the offers and services of the SCC, which are important for the beginning of their studies, can be found in a bundle on the page First Steps at SCC.

Information for students

Further information relevant for students can be found under the item Students in the list of target groups on the homepage.

Teaching, Education & Further Education

SCC's teaching, training and continuing education program includes lectures and exercises on topics such as parallel and distributed high-performance systems, management of complex IT systems, network and IT security management and computational science and mathematical methods.

Courses and Theses

A list of lectures and exercises for students can be found under Courses, posted bachelor and master theses under Job Opportunities.

There will also be introductions and workshops on the use of high-performance computers and networks, IT security and the software packages offered, such as the statistical software SAS, the scientific word processing program LaTeX and the finite element program ABAQUS. The SCC regularly offers introductory courses for creating websites in KIT's corporate design using the Open Text web editing system.

Women's Network for STEM students

The women's network Warp4IT (Women As Research Peers for Information Technology) aims to give female STEM students an insight into the working life of female scientists through project work. More information on the Warp4IT page.

CAMMP - Scientific Computing for Pupils

CAMMP stands for Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program and is a project of the Karlsuher Institut für Technologie (KIT). CAMMP aims to make the public aware of the social importance of mathematics and simulation sciences. To this end, students actively participate in various event formats together with teachers in problem solving with the help of mathematical modeling and computer use. They explore real problems from everyday life, industry or research. More information is available at

Professional training and other internships

The SCC provides training in the professions of information technology, participates in the training of students of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe and offers students as well as pupils several weeks of practical training, if suitable topics are available. Upon request, guided tours for school classes with a focus on computer science are also possible. In addition, the SCC offers a program for schoolgirls on the annual Girls'Day.


Announcements of continuing education events are listed in the SCC calendar of events, for which a subscription service is also available.