• NAT Management System (NATVS)

  •  NAT is short for Network Address Translation, NATVS is the associated central administration system at KIT. Prerequisite for the NATVS access is the registration as DNSVS supervisor.

NATVS Overview

NATVS+ portal

With NATVS+ certain IPv6 and IPv4 based services of a computer in the intranet (server) can be made available for access from the internet. This is done by creating a so called NAT record with the name of the computer and assigning the protocol types and ports or port ranges corresponding to the service to be released. With that the activation is applied to both the IPv6 and IPv4 address of the computer (if available). This release for access from the internet is only possible for computers with public IP addresses.

What does NATVS+ mean?

The name NATVS is historical. It comes from a time when there was still 1:1 NAT at KIT. For a while this is not the case anymore, which means, that only public IP addresses can be launched in the internet.
Since the activation of public IP addresses sas also configurable in NATVS, the name NATVS has been extended by a +, so it is now called NATVS+.