Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

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If there´s no English information available please use the German counterpart. We are working on the English translations right now and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Benutzerkonto (Account, Passwort)

Through the Guest and Partner Administration (GuP), the organizational units of KIT can provide their partners with the accounts and services necessary for cooperation. The GuP is an application in the SAP Web Portal.


This service provides office communication facilities for personal use (e-mail, calendar, address management).


Mailing lists DFN

This service provides all users of the DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz) science network with distribution lists for e-mails to operate their own lists.


Mailing lists KIT

This service is used by KIT employees and students to compile and administer their own mailing lists. These lists can be configured for different applications e.g., as moderated lists, discussion forums, or newsletters.


Use this procedure to report malicious messages and spam to the SCC. An email clearly identified as a malicious message can be moved to the Spam_KIT folder in your mailbox by participants in the malicious email and spam reporting process. KIT students and staff can participate in the reporting process.


Anti-Virus Protection for mail servers at KIT