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  • Graphics and technical documentation

  • SCC offers various suites and individual products in the field of image processing, graphic design and technical documentation.

Corel Academic Site License (CASL)

The Corel product range covers the areas of design of graphics and layouts, image processing, technical documentation and CAD. The SCC provides a campul license for the KIT. The software can be ordered free of charge by every KIT employee in the store. Single-user licenses are available for students.

Adobe Academic Software Contracts

The Adobe product range covers the areas of graphics and layout design, image editing, technical documentation, multimedia content creation, and applications. The software can be ordered by any KIT employee from the software store against reimbursement of costs.

Two software contracts are currently available from Adobe:

  • Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP) - purchase licenses (partly old versions)
  • Adobe Enterprise Team License Agreement (ETLA) - rental licenses