4 bwForCluster

In addition to the basic supply system bwUniCluster, there are four research high-performance computing clusters, or bwForClusters for short, on HPC performance level 3 (Tier-3) in Baden-Württemberg, which serve to supply different scientific fields with computing time. Currently, the 4 bwForClusters cover the following areas:


Scientific area bwForCluster
Theoretical Chemistry, Condensed matter physics and Quantum physics JUSTUS in Ulm
Structural and Systems Biology, Medical Science, Soft Matter, Computational Humanities Helix in Heidelberg
Neurosciences, Micro System Engineering, Materials Science and Particle Physics NEMO in Freiburg
Bioinformatics, Geosciences and Astrophysics BinAC in Tübingen



The access authorization to these systems is two-tiered, for a detailed description see bwHPC-Wiki.

The general authorization to use these systems is regulated by each state university for its employees (see bwForCluster-Entitlement). KIT members receive the access authorization by a separate activation of their KIT account, which is requested with an appropriate form at the Service Desk.

The use of one of the bwForClusters also requires a short description and the positive decision of the computing project. The application is made via the Baden-Württemberg Central Application Site (ZAS).



For questions regarding access and use of bwForCluster:

Important information for the use of bwForCluster

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