CAMMP - Team

Organizer and organization:

Source: Martin Frank



Prof. Dr. Martin Frank

Source: Jakim Eckert 



Jakim Eckert

Source: Stephanie Hofmann



Stephanie Hofmann

Source: Stephan Kindler



StR Stephan Kindler

Student employees:


Source: Sarah Diehle



Sarah Diehle

Source: Paul Hoger




Paul Hoger

Source: Alina Lenhard



Alina Lenhard

Source: Jonathan Kantz



Jonathan Kantz

Source: Lisa Rantzau




Lisa Rantzau

Source: Cedric Neuwirth




Cedric Neuwirth

Content Design: 

In addition to the persons mentioned under Organization, CAMMP's learning materials have been designed and further developed in close exchange with many other scientific staff members. We are actively supported in this by members of CSMM in particular.

The organizers thank for the great effort and for constant professional exchange and advice.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarah Schönbrodt, Dr. Thomas Camminady, Nico Kayser, Daniel Kopprasch, Miriam Reinicke, Carlos Schmidt Muniz, Dr. Kirsten Wohak,
Dr. Maren Hattebuhr, Katja Hoeffer