IT Security

The SCC operates the IT security services listed in the table below. General information, e.g. on security guidelines, policies and recommendations (e.g. for online and cloud services), obligation to report IT security incidents, end device encryption, handling of fraudulent e-mails and spam, patch management and much more can be found in the subsection Info.

IT security

Certification service based on X.509 certificates for users and servers with associated documentation. X.509 certificates are also used for signing and encrypting e-mails, among other things.


Use this procedure to report malicious messages and spam to the SCC. An email clearly identified as a malicious message can be moved to the Spam_KIT folder in your mailbox by participants in the malicious email and spam reporting process. KIT students and staff can participate in the reporting process.


Automatic checking of e-mails for their spam score.
For testing before sending mass emails or for independent error analysis.


Anti-Virus Protection for mail servers at KIT

Hilfe & Support

Handling of security incidents by KIT's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

The WSUS service downloads updates from Microsoft servers and makes them available in the KIT's internal network.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

This IT service offers KIT employees centrally managed and daily updated virus protection for notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers.


Protection against unauthorized access to network segments inside the KIT (firewall).