Evolution KIT mailbox


To add an Exchange account, you need the evolution-ews package.


  • Edit - Preferences - Mail Accounts
  • Add
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  • Identity
    • Full name: Last name, first name (OE)
    • Email Address: ab1234∂kit.edu as employee:in
      (students: uxxxx∂student .kit.edu; guests and partners: ab1234∂partner.kit.edu)
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  • Retrieving e-mails
    • Server Type: Exchange web services
    • Username: <ab1234>∂kit.edu as employee:in
      (Students: <uxxxx∂student.kit.edu>; guests and partners: <ab1234>∂partner.kit.edu)
    • Host URL: https://oa.kit.edu/EWS/Exchange.asmx
    • OAB URL: https://oa.kit.edu/OAB
    • Authentication: Basic
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  • Apply
  • Password:Your corresponding password
  • Note: The sender address of your mailbox is specified by the Exchange server

The Evolution configuration has been successfully completed.