• PostgreSQL databases

  • PostgreSQL is a widely used, object-relational database management system (DBMS). The SCC operates the open source product on its own server systems and offers KIT employees the possibility to use PostgreSQL databases for official purposes.
    This service is currently not yet available to students.


01.03.2021 - The service was implemented

Service description

The SCC operates a PostgreSQL database management system on its own server systems. KIT employees have the possibility to request and use a PostgreSQL database. For the cost of using the service, please refer to the Cost Allocation of SCC IT Services.

A PostgreSQL database (DB) will be set up upon request on one of the database servers operated with appropriate user account/password for the requestor. The password can be changed at any time and should definitely be reset at the beginning.

Not every client computer gets access to the DBMS. For access, the accessing systems/clients must be entered with their IP addresses (IPv4 and/or IPv6) and thus enabled.

The server systems of the SCC are routinely kept up to date and thus meet the necessary security requirements. In addition, regular database backups are performed to ensure data availability.

Fault and maintenance reports are communicated via the mailing list scc-meldungen@lists.kit.edu and published on the SCC's message page.

The SCC will be happy to advise you. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible consultant (see above) or the database team.

Included services

  • User account with associated database on PostgreSQL database server;

  • Backup of the database with an availability of 14 calendar days;

  • Documentation and necessary software are available at https://www.postgresql.org;

Services not included

  • SQL development, error analysis

  • Backup of the database with availability of data for more than 14 days.

  • For requirements exceeding this period, data backup is the responsibility of the database owner.

Organizational requirements

KIT employees and KIT trainees can use this service and receive one or more databases as well as their own storage area for the data and their backups. Furthermore, external employees acting on behalf of a KIT institution can also participate in the service at the same conditions.

The application should generally be made after consultation with an IT representative of the responsible organizational unit (OU) or with a project manager or the OU management.

In accordance with the stored data, attention must be paid both to data protection and to the whereabouts of the data when the employee leaves or the project is shut down.

The employee responsible for the organization is responsible for controlling access to the data (passing on passwords and authorizations).

The SCC assumes no responsibility for unauthorized access obtained through the above violation.

Technical requirements


In order to access the server and thus the database, the network (VLAN) in which the client is located must be able to access the network (VLAN) of the PostgreSQL server via port 5432. For this, if not already available, an activation via the firewall of the KIT must take place.

Currently used version: PostgreSQL 13.1 (as of 1.3.2021)