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from Employees

Selecting a team type when creating a team
We recommend the type "Professional Learning Community (PLC)" or "Other".
In these two types, the OneNote notebook is used as the notebook. This can be used with the OneNote versions licensed and available at KIT. 
For more information and distinguishing features of the team types, please refer to
Can I add students to my team?
Yes, but students are created in a separate client and can only be included as guests in teams on the employee client. Please note guests in teams and "Special features for students".
Please note:
Students must have agreed to the MS Teams privacy policy.
If you want to add student accounts "uxxxx" to teams via the team administration, be sure to enter the abbreviation followed by "@" in the search, i.e. "uxxxx@"! Otherwise the student account "uxxxx does-not-exist.student kit edu" may not be found.
I do not want to accept students individually in the team, what can I do?
You do not want to add your numerous students to a team individually? Then generate a join link via Campus Team Connect and make it available to your students, e.g. in ILIAS, or distribute it to the participants by e-mail. They can easily join the team via this join link (prerequisite for students: acceptance of the privacy policy).
How to create a join link is explained in this short tutorial.
How can I use MS teams for online teaching?
You can find detailed instructions for use in online teaching at the Centre for Media Learning (ZML):
How can I be invited to join an external team?
For this, the external colleague must invite you with the address ab1234∂kit edu ! An invitation with the normal mail address does not work, because this address is unknown in the teams area.
Exception: Your MS Teams/-Azure account was created prior to Spring 2020 and was created using vorname nachname does-not-exist.kit edu. Then the invitation would have to be sent to this address.

Note and tip
You can find out which address you actually have to use to be invited by an external institution or to be registered there as a guest at
After successful authentication, the mail address/user account is displayed below your name.

To do this, perform the following steps

  •     open a new private/incognito browser window (Chrome/Edge),
  •     enter the URL,
  •     enter your user account ab1234 does-not-exist.kit edu or ab1234 does-not-exist.partner kit edu to log in to MS Teams,
  •     you should get to the KIT shibboleth page,
  •     there you enter your abbreviation and password for authentication at KIT
  •     and you will get to the MS MyAccount page, where your account with the mail address/account for MS Teams at KIT will appear under the overview (below your profile picture and name).
  •     Please pass on this address to the external institution.

Explanation: Unfortunately not every account was created with ab1234 does-not-exist.kit edu or ab1234 does-not-exist.partner kit edu, accounts created before March 2020 got a MS Teams/-Azure account with vorname nachname does-not-exist.kit edu created (this was the regulation at that time, which is still valid for this group of people).


How can I add external partners to a team?
At KIT, MS Teams is currently only "tolerated" by KIT data protection and functionalities/possibilities offered by MS Teams in general are RESTRICTED at KIT.

External partners cannot currently be included in MS Teams as guests of a team at KIT. In addition, data storage under OneDrive and thus a comfortable data exchange with external partners is currently not possible.

However, if the external persons work with you for a longer period of time, it is possible to set up a so-called GuP account (KIT account for guests and partners) for them in your OU. To do this, contact the IT representative of your OU or the person responsible for managing these guest accounts in the SAP system (guest and partner management). With a created GuP account, the person can then be registered as a team member in a team, provided that he or she agrees to the privacy policy for the use of MS Teams.
Disadvantage: the external person has to log in to MS Teams with the KIT-GuP account and cannot use the possibly already existing MS Teams account of his OU/institution.
Note: A guest account is set up relatively quickly. This must be activated by the person using it in the SCC Self-Service Portal so that logging into MS Teams can be done via the mail address ab1234∂

Furthermore, we would like to point out the following services provided by the SCC, for data exchange and collaboration:
  • KIT Teamsites - Platform for collaboration and communication of teams at KIT (organizational units, working and project groups).
  • bwSync&Share - online storage service for employees and students of the universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg.
  • KIT data storage (OE directory) for exchange with everyone who has a KIT account (would then be possible with externals who have a GuP account)

from Students & Guest Students

I cannot change the client and I do not see my courses/teams. What can I do?
Necessary steps

In order for you (the students) to be offered courses in teams, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Consent to the privacy policy,
  2. The invitation to join a team must be accepted (join team). The invitation is sent out by the lecturer, or you can join a team in Ilias.
  3. Teams must be started (web application or app) and
  4. agree to a second Microsoft privacy policy. Then it should be possible to change clients as described on the page

Solution for problems

Please allow yourself a lot (!) of time between the individual steps. If it still doesn't work after 24 hours, please contact teams-support∂ with your uxxxx∂ account.


The cause of the problem is most likely due to an error at Microsoft and the sometimes very long synchronization times of individual components.

Further notes/possibilities

Start chat between supervisor and student
Unfortunately, students do not find the employee accounts in the teams area of KIT and therefore cannot start a chat with the supervisor from their side.
However, if the supervisor starts a chat with the student, her contact will appear in the student's contact list and the communication can be maintained at any time.
Guest Auditor Account...

Lecturers can apply for one or more guest accounts for their guest students (GH) via the ticket system for the use of MS Teams at KIT.
Once the GH account has been created, it must be assigned to the appropriate team (lecture) by the lecturer, unless it was specified when applying.

For the assignment of multiple Gashthörer accounts, use the Excel file "Template_MSTeams_GasthoererInnenAmKIT.xlsx" (explanations included) and attach it to the assignment ticket.

to Log In & Starting

I end up in an endless loop when I log in to the self service portal
Please agree to the privacy policy. If this does not help: please send an email with your account to teams-support∂scc kit edu.
Does the password already have to be provided to Microsoft when signing up for Teams?
When registering for teams, the account verification is forwarded to our own Shibboleth provider. Here the account (in the form ab1234 or uxxxx) is requested again.
The password is requested at this point and only at this point.
If you have to enter a password beforehand, you are either not logging in with an account within or you have landed on a page that poses a security risk.
Bottom line: only provide the password on our own site!
After starting the app, you will receive a message from the firewall
Some apps, including Microsoft Teams, report via a Windows Defender Firewall dialog that some features are blocked by the firewall. This message can be ignored with the "Cancel" button.
When starting MS Teams in the browser, you get an error message "Allow third-party cookies".
For MS Teams to work in the browser, third-party cookies must not be blocked. In Chrome the error can be corrected by calling the page chrome://settings/content/cookies. There, turn off the option "Block third-party cookies".
I get an error message "Do not stay behind" when I try to log in
Accounts created within the last few minutes may not have been assigned a license for team use. If the problem persists even after a long wait or with an existing account, please contact teams-support does-not-exist.scc kit edu

Error message when trying to log in: AADSTS51004

AADSTS51004: The user account xxxxx@[student,partner] does not exist in the [216844dc-9c90-4949-8e4b-58ea2d2c3dbe, 4f5eec75-46fd-43f8-8d24-62bebd9771e5] directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory.
Please still agree to the privacy policy in the self-service portal
Only then your account will be synced into the MS Teams area. This may take about 30 min. After that, try to log in again.
Question: Allow management of the device?
Sometimes during the login process you are asked to indicate whether you want to stay logged in to your apps and/or whether you allow your device to be managed by your organization.
You may receive such a popup window:

Here you need to uncheck "Allow my device to be managed by my organization" and then click "No, only log in to this app" (or similar). After that, the login process continues as usual.
The MS Teams DesktopApp suddenly does not start anymore
If the MS Teams DesktopApp suddenly does not start anymore, MS Teams was probably updated in the background. Sometimes it helps then to set the compatibility mode to "Windows 8".
Proceed as follows:
  • Close MS Teams DesktopApp
  • If it is at the bottom of the bar: Shift + right mouse over the Teams icon.
  • A context menu should pop up
  • Select "Open file path" there
  • Now the explorer should open with the Teams directory
  • Right click on the file "Update.exe" and select properties
  • Tab "Compatibility
  • Set compatibility mode to "Windows 8" (confirm everything)
  • Restart MS Teams DesktopApp

to Privacy & Security

Voicemail usage disabled
For data protection reasons, the VoiceMails function including the transcription option is switched off.
How secure is the data?
The data is stored on Microsoft servers and therefore you should handle your data with care. No sensitive data should be uploaded or talked about. Therefore there is only a toleration of data protection during the crisis.
I do not want to talk with video image, what can I do?
It is up to each employee to decide whether or not to switch on the camera on his or her terminal. It is not permitted to force the use of the camera. Recording of the video conference does not work. This function is currently not available.
How can I leave a team with my guest account?
Via an overview of the existing teams can be displayed.
In the table, teams can be left again by clicking on "Leave team". It may take some time until the change is synchronized in all systems and is also displayed in the Teams client.
Where can I find information about my account?
At collected information about the own teams account can be found.

Here you can find, for example, the e-mail address with which you can be invited externally. Under the heading "Organizations" you can see all the organizations you work with. Here you can also leave external organizations.

Please note: The password to your own account cannot be changed here!
The Teams account is linked to the KIT account at KIT. And the rule is: password change only via identity management (IDM), this means Password change only via .

to Application & Functionality

Voicemail usage disabled
For data protection reasons, the VoiceMails function including the transcription option is switched off.

Standard chat responses

Mobile Teams clients have recently added the ability to use standard replies in chat.

To the question: "Shall we have dinner together?" the answers "Can we" - "Yes" - "Yes, absolutely" are offered as a small additional menu.

This option is only offered for chats in your own client (in our case, in the tenant "Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)").

You can turn this off in the following way:
On the mobile device, open Teams. Go to settings via the round icon next to "chat".
Then select Messages. In the following window, this functionality can be switched off.

Linux Teams client discontinued - Progressive Web App (PWA) for Linux available since end of 2022
The previous Linux client for Microsoft Teams was discontinued by Microsoft at the end of 2022. Microsoft now relies on the Progressive Web App (PWA), which is available for both Edge and Chrome browsers on Linux.
Microsoft Teams for Linux users will therefore run in the browser in the future - as a Progressive Web App (PWA). It can be installed in a similar way to an app and offers a few more functions than the previous Linux Teams client.
Info MS TechCommunity:
Linux Teams Client or Linux WebApp (PWA ) - Workaround for problems
Apparently there are always problems or function restrictions when using the Linux Teams Client or the Progressive WebApp (PWA) for Linux under some Linux distributions.
Missing function: window splitting and background in meetings
In the Linux Teams client from Microsoft, window splitting is not possible. Microsoft itself writes that this feature does not exist: - "Window sharing isn't available for Linux users."
Likewise, with the MS Linux Teams client, the background in a meeting cannot be blurred.
Possible workaround for problems: Teams for Linux (unofficial client via Electron)
Unofficial Microsoft Teams client for Linux using Electron. It uses the Web App and wraps it as a standalone application using Electron.
At SCC, some Linux users have had the client in use, and apparently it ran stably. However, the SCC does not give any guarantee for the use of the tool!
Client change migrates...
In the course of December, the client change will move from the header (to the left of the bobble) to the bobble menu!
So you have to click on the bobble, click on "Account and Orgs" and then finally select the client.
Why can't some people be found by searching?
There are several options.
  • You can only find people who have agreed to use Microsoft Teams. No record is created in the address book without consent.
  • Shorter searches than 6 characters are not possible.
  • Students can only be found in the employee client if they have been invited.
  • Students can only be searched by first name and surname if they have agreed to the transfer. Otherwise students are only listed under pseudonym.
  • One account can have multiple email addresses associated with it, but only one of them is transferred to the Microsoft cloud. Therefore, finding an email address is often difficult.
  • Newly created accounts are not immediately available in the directories.
  • Your team client may have cached old search results.
Bypass solution Alternatively, if you cannot find a colleague to add to a team, the colleague can search for the team and request to join. We are not aware of any problems this way.
Why do I not see a calendar or other tools in MS Teams?
MS teams (and only this) are only available for the time of the Corona crisis and are only tolerated by data protection during this time. After the crisis, a reconsideration of the possible applications will take place. The calendar and other cloud services are not primarily part of teams and are therefore not released. Existing users were not subsequently restricted.
Recording of the video conference does not work
This function is currently not available.
The recording function in MS Teams meetings has been deactivated at KIT for data protection reasons. Recording meetings in MS Teams is therefore no longer available.
If you absolutely need this function in MS Teams, please contact the Data Protection Unit - .
What do I need to do and consider when recording a Teams meeting?

ATTENTION!!! The recording function is still deactivated on the KIT.

General instructions for recording a Teams meeting can be found at Microsoft Support at

Note that recording is only possible in a meeting that was started in a team. Also, only owners and members of a team have permission to start or stop recording a meeting. Guests and people from other organizations are not authorized to do so.
After the end of the recording, the video file (*.mp4) can be found on the SharePoint page of the team.
Currently, a retention period of 60 days after the end of recording applies.

Here you can find detailed instructions and hints: Instruction Teams Records
In a meeting, there is definitely more often a need to retreat into smaller groups for a discussion.

For this purpose, with the client app now gives a new icon: Two nested rectangles.
If you click on them, you can create different rooms and assign people to them.

Without a client app, there are the following two options:

Meeting only with team members in teams

  • create multiple channels
  • assign one channel to each team member
  • start a meeting in all channels in time

For discussion, the team members then use the respective meeting in the selected channel

Meeting with team members and with external participants

  • Create an Outlook appointment for each breakout room with "New Teams Meeting".
  • Name the appointments in a meaningful way. They are all in parallel in terms of time.
  • Now create a web page for yourself on which you embed the meeting links

This way, everyone can access the right spaces for discussion in smaller groups.

Can I schedule a team meeting as a substitute via Outlook in another mailbox?
This is not possible with the current configuration at KIT.
The KIT mailboxes would have to be located at Microsoft in the cloud, but these are located locally on the KIT Exchange servers.

Possible workaround

  • The person to be represented creates a meeting ONCE in their own Outlook calendar WITHOUT specifying participants.
  • The created link of this teams meeting can then be copied by the substitutes in a "normal" meeting appointment of the person to be substituted and distributed to the participants.
  • Please note that the creator of the team meeting is always the organizer of this meeting.

to Installation & Configuration

How do I use MS Teams on Windows RT?
The operating system is not supported by Microsoft with the client application. Possibly the (limited) use in a browser is possible.
My profile picture cannot be changed.
Unfortunately, the profile picture cannot currently be changed via the desktop or web app. We suspect a faulty synchronisation or a bug in the Teams version.
If you have installed Teams as an app on a smartphone, you can change the picture there.
Nevertheless, the currently set profile picture still does not appear in the desktop app in the "bobble" at the top right. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this at the moment.
However, other team members will see your photo in meetings/chats!
Please be patient until the change is displayed correctly for everyone.
Outlook Add-In for MS Teams meeting disappeared after update (Windows)
Subject: DesktopApps MS Teams & Outlook on Windows Clients
Problem: In Outlook calendar, the icon for creating teams meetings is not visible despite the activated add-in.

Possible solutions

(1) New installation of the DesktopApp MS Teams

  •     Exit MS Outlook and MS Teams
  •     Uninstall MS Teams
    • Make sure that no remnants of the Teams installation (including folders) are left on the client
  •     Reinstall MS Teams
  •     Attention: Before you start Outlook again, you should have started MS Teams.

(2) Are you using Windows 10 2016 LTSB with Office 2016?

  • a new installation may be sufficient. But if the add-in cannot be activated under Add-Ins or in Calendar, then....
    replace the %localappdata%\Microsoft\TeamsMeetingAddin\1.0.22209.4\x86 directory with the following x86 replacement directory: ZIP-File