Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Teams at KIT

I end up in an endless loop when I log in to the self service portal
Please agree to the privacy policy. If this does not help: please send an email with your account to teams-support∂scc kit edu.
After starting the app, you will receive a message from the firewall
Some apps, including Microsoft Teams, report via a Windows Defender Firewall dialog that some features are blocked by the firewall. This message can be ignored with the "Cancel" button.
When starting MS Teams in the browser, you get an error message "Allow third-party cookies".
For MS Teams to work in the browser, third-party cookies must not be blocked. In Chrome the error can be corrected by calling the page chrome://settings/content/cookies. There, turn off the option "Block third-party cookies".
Can I add students to my team?
Yes, but students are created in a separate client and can only be included as guests in teams on the employee client. Please note guests in teams and "Special features for students".
Why can't some people be found by searching?
There are several options.
  • You can only find people who have agreed to use Microsoft Teams. No record is created in the address book without consent.
  • Shorter searches than 6 characters are not possible.
  • Students can only be found in the employee client if they have been invited.
  • Students can only be searched by first name and surname if they have agreed to the transfer. Otherwise students are only listed under pseudonym.
  • One account can have multiple email addresses associated with it, but only one of them is transferred to the Microsoft cloud. Therefore, finding an email address is often difficult.
  • Newly created accounts are not immediately available in the directories.
  • Your team client may have cached old search results.
Bypass solution Alternatively, if you cannot find a colleague to add to a team, the colleague can search for the team and request to join. We are not aware of any problems this way.
Why do I not see a calendar or other tools in MS Teams?
MS teams (and only this) are only available for the time of the Corona crisis and are only tolerated by data protection during this time. After the crisis, a reconsideration of the possible applications will take place. The calendar and other cloud services are not primarily part of teams and are therefore not released. Existing users were not subsequently restricted.
How secure is the data?
The data is stored on Microsoft servers and therefore you should handle your data with care. No sensitive data should be uploaded or talked about. Therefore there is only a toleration of data protection during the crisis.
I do not want to talk with video image, what can I do?
It is up to each employee to decide whether or not to switch on the camera on his or her terminal. It is not permitted to force the use of the camera. Recording of the video conference does not work. This function is currently not available.
I get an error message "Do not stay behind" when I try to log in
Accounts created within the last few minutes may not have been assigned a license for team use. If the problem persists even after a long wait or with an existing account, please contact teams-supportNaf3∂scc kit edu
How can I use MS teams for online teaching?
You can find detailed instructions for use in online teaching at the Centre for Media Learning (ZML):
How do I use MS Teams on Windows RT?
The operating system is not supported by Microsoft with the client application. Possibly the (limited) use in a browser is possible.
I cannot change the client and I do not see my courses/teams. What can I do?

Necessary steps

In order for you (the students) to be offered courses in teams, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Consent to the privacy policy,
  2. The invitation to join a team must be accepted (join team). The invitation is sent out by the lecturer, or you can join a team in Ilias.
  3. Teams must be started (web application or app) and
  4. agree to a second Microsoft privacy policy. Then it should be possible to change clients as described on the page

Solution for problems

Please allow yourself a lot (!) of time between the individual steps. If it still doesn't work after 24 hours, please contact teams-support∂ with your uxxxx∂ account.


The cause of the problem is most likely due to an error at Microsoft and the sometimes very long synchronization times of individual components.

Further notes/possibilities