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USB token setup

The USB tokens of the type "YubiKey 4" are simply plugged into a USB port and then recognized as a USB keyboard by all modern operating systems. If the round sensor surface is then briefly touched, the YubiKey automatically enters the necessary token value into the current input field.

The operating system may try to install additional drivers for extended functions. However, since these functions are not used on the KIT, this step is not necessary.

If the USB ports of the computer are not freely accessible, a USB hub can be used to provide convenient access.

Due to the special format of a YubiKey, it is unfortunately possible to plug in the YubiKey "the wrong way around". Usually, "sensor face up" works.

Setting up a YubiKey as a personal token is simplified compared to display tokens, since entering a serial number is not required.


  1. Access token management:
  2. Select "New Token."
  3. Select the "YubiKey" tab.
  4. The input focus should automatically select the "YubiKey Code" field.
  5. If you have not already plugged in the YubiKey, plug the YubiKey into a free USB port now and wait a moment for the operating system to recognize the new device.
  6. Briefly touch the sensor surface. The "YubiKey Code" field will be filled in automatically, and the form will be submitted automatically.
  7. "The YubiKey has been registered."

This links the YubiKey to your personal account. If it is necessary to enter a token, insert the YubiKey into a free USB port, wait a second for the operating system to recognize the device, and then touch the sensor surface.