• Virus protection at KIT

  • This IT service offers KIT employees centrally managed and daily updated virus protection for notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers.


The SCC offers KIT institutes and facilities the possibility to centralize the installation and management of the installation of antivirus solutions. With this centralized solution, institutes can increase their security standards and keep them at a stable level.
The following tasks can be automated to a large extent with the help of the central administration:

  • Distribution and configuration of antivirus software
  • Distribution of AV updates and program patches for McAfee software
  • Detection of unmanaged systems
  • Automatic notification of suspicious systems
  • Reporting and statistics

Participation in centralized anti-virus management
The prerequisite for participation in the KIT central antivirus management is the installation of the McAfee agent. How the agent is installed on the end devices is up to the user or the administrator of the organizational unit. Installation of the agent is also possible via the central console. Requirements for successful installation:

  • An administrative account on the target computer.
  • If the firewall is enabled, the ePO server (address must be enabled with regard to "File and Print Sharing" and port 8081, 8082, 8443, 8444. These necessary settings can also be made by the SCC via group policies.

Access to central console
For security reasons, the central management server (ePolicy Orchestrator) is managed exclusively by the SCC. The administration portal is multi-client capable, so that the administrators of the organizational units can centrally adjust certain settings to their work environment. The web-based console can be accessed via the following URL: scc-av-01.scc.kit.edu:8443.
Login is only possible after the SCC has enabled the corresponding user to use the console and manage the corresponding OU. In the process of setting up access, the OU also specifies participation in McAfee software updates and activates automatic notification for systems that stand out. Request access
A special Sharepoint web page for OUs participating in centralized anti-virus management with more detailed information can be found here: team.kit.edu/sites/scc-antivirenteam.

Changes for Participation in McAfee Client Component Software Updates Updates to McAfee Agent and Endpoint Security are made according to the participation in software updates communicated by the OU. For changes regarding software updates, the following ticket can be used. Request change software update

IT Security Basically, before connecting to the network, each computer must already be equipped with the latest security updates and the antivirus software with the current antivirus definition.

Installation alternatives for Trellix/McAfee software

Installation via the central antivirus management system.

To install McAfee software on systems, it is sufficient to have the Trellix agent for the central antivirus management system (KIT version) installed on the system. Additional McAfee software can then be installed and managed through the Antivirus Management Console. Systems participating in the central anti-virus management system receive all relevant updates (newer virus definition files (DAT/AMCore files), hotfixes and patches) and version upgrades of the anti-virus software and other McAfee software automatically.
The antivirus software is installed automatically within one hour of the agent software installation, as long as the system is connected to the KIT network.

The SCC recommends this method of installing the antivirus software for KIT computer systems.

Standalone installation

The McAfee software (STAND ALONE version) can be installed on computer systems as standalone software without any dependencies on the central antivirus management system. Updates of virus definition files (DAT/AMCore files) are provided directly by the manufacturer. Software updates (hotfixes and patches as well as newer versions of the software) must be installed manually.