Testing IT-Systems & Support Team

This service is available only to colleagues at the SCC!

The TIS Team provides standardized testing environments for certain divisions of the SCC. The aim is to relieve those divisions from the very time consuming necessity of creating and maintaining their own testing system.The centralized testing environment shall also help to avoid that multiple divisions work on similar problems without communicating. The necessary resources, i.e. powerful ESX servers for virtual machines, are at their disposal.

A project proposal can be submitted through this webform by entitled personnel of the SCC. The project can then quickly by realized in close collaboration with the TIS Team. Upon completion, the project can be closed with a report to all interested parties. If necessary, the TIS Team can also assist in the subsequent creation of an productive environment.

As a testing environment, the TIS Team is able to provide properly preconfigured virtual Linux and Windows servers and clients, that are adapted to meet the specific requirements of the project. If, for example, a Windows domain structure with mail server and connected Linux mail client shall be tested, then the TIS Team provides the properly configured virtual machines. In that way the mail-server specialists don't have to deal with the installation, configurations and maintenance of the VMs, their operating systems and other needed software.

The members of the TIS Team try to continually better the testing environment, interfaces and procedures, but also have other projects, designed to improve other SCC services or even develop new ones. The project page contains information about some of these projects. Furthermore, the TIS-Team maintains eight Workstations with dual boot (Windows and Linux), that are located at room -102 in building 20.21 (SCC - Southern Campus). Apart from the workstations, this room is also suitable for meetings and serves as a place for the exchange of knowledge and information, mainly between student employees, but also with the regular staff.

The Team

The TIS Team was founded in 2010 and is being led by Jeron Mehl and Sebastian Hämpel. Other current members are: Denis Künzel, Sebastian Meyer, Silviya Parusheva, Manuel Schweigert and Dario Seitel (Windows) as well as Eren Dursun, Samuel Groß, Nero Grünen and Angelina Schiebel (Linux). New student employees are in demand. The Team is supervised by Mr. Scheibenberger, head of the department Systems & Servers, and by Prof. Hartenstein, member of the board of directors of the SCC.

Entitled Divisions

For now only colleagues from the following divisions are entitled to suggest projects: Services-Development and Integration (DEI), Client-Management and Communication Services (CMK), ServiceDesk and Operating (SDO) and Systems and Servers (SYS).