Client management recommendations

Here you will find our recommendations for different categories of client management.
Category Recommended
Operating system for a managed workstation Windows 10 LTSC 2019
Default mail client Outlook 2019
System for operating system and software distribution OPSI
Addition of computers to the KIT-AD yes
Use of explicit administration accounts for the management of IT services yes
Hard Disk Encryption yes


Standard end-user Device Setup

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The following checklist describes the installation and configuration of a Windows end-user device and thus ensures the use of KIT's basic IT services.

For secure work in the home office, other aspects are important in addition to a standard end-user computer. For more information, see Secure Home Office.

Action Instruction Comment
Hardware from state tender bwGeräte Statewide procurement of PCs, notebooks and workstations  
Installation Windows 10 21H2 with activation via Key Management Service Service description Windows Key Management Service (KMS) Use ISO image file for installation
Integration into the directory service KIT Active Directory Service description KIT Active Directory  
Integration with KIT Group Policies Service description Group policies (GPOs)  
Hard disk encryption
set up
Device and disk encryptionguide  
Connecting patch management Service description Microsoft Update Service (WSUS)  
Set up virus protection Service description virus protection  
Network setup to the service descriptions of the network services at KIT  
Set up VPN client Service description Remote Access (VPN)  
Connect KIT data storage for organizational units (OE directory) Service description KIT data storage (OU directory) if required
Connect personal directory (HOME) Service description KIT data storage (personal directory)  
Install required software To the KITsoftware store

Software for example:

  • MS-Office 2019 (download folder)
  • Anydesk client for remote administration
  • 7-Zip
  • PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Classic
  • bwSyncAndShare client
  • Chrome browser
  • Firefox Browser
  • IrfanView
  • MS-Teams-Client
  • Text editor Notepad++
  • PDF tool PDF24
  • Paint.Net
  • VLC Media Player
KIT account required


Integrate central printers Service description Print & Plot - Central printing service