Thunderbird 91.x KIT mailbox


Add another account in Thunderbird:

  • Application menu (three horizontal lines) - Account settings.
  • Account actions - Add mail Account..

Configuration (Mail)

The Thunderbird configuration is successfully completed.

Settings (Mail)

The settings now look like this:

Calendar (Tasks)

You can use CalDAV to access calendars in your own mailbox or in another mailbox.

To access a calendar in another mailbox, you need at least read permissions (equivalent to "All Details" in Outlook/OWA) on it. Starting with Thunderbird 91, you also need the "Folder visible" permission on the top folder of the mailbox so that Thunderbird can search for available calendars.
If it is not the default calendar, you need read permissions to the complete path, i.e. to all parent folders.

Besides the calendar, the tasks are also synchronized.

For calendars to which you have read-only permissions (e.g. a room), it is recommended to activate the "Read-only" option.


Access to the default calendar


Access to a calendar other than the default calendar

You can also access a calendar other than the default calendar.

  • The prerequisite is that the folder already exists. You cannot create a new calendar in the mailbox via CALDAV.
  • If you create a new calendar via OWA, it will be created below the default calendar.
  • Address:<sender-email-address-from-mailbox>/path-to-folder

Calendar below the default calendar

KIT employee lastname∂kit edu/calendar/folder-name.
Functional mailbox∂oe kit edu/calendar/folder-name
Students anonymized∂student kit edu/calendar/folder name
Students deanonymized lastname∂student kit edu/calendar/foldername

Calendar outside of default calendar

KIT employees lastname∂kit edu/foldername[/subfoldername]
Functional mailbox∂oe kit edu/folder name[/subfolder name]
Students anonymized∂student kit edu/folder name[/subfolder name]
Students deanonymized lastname∂student kit edu/foldername[/subfoldername]


Note: You can also install and use an add-on such as CardBook.


Global address book (internal only)


Create address book


Search in address book

Show "Display name" as name in search result

  • Tools - Preferences - General- Config Editor... (at the very bottom).
  • change ldap_2.servers.default.attrmap.DisplayName from "cn,commonname" to "displayName

The address book can now be selected and searched. You have to authenticate when accessing it.


automatic search for message addressing

  • Application menu (three horizontal lines) - Account settings - Composition & Addressing
    • Use my global LDAP server preferences for this account
    • Global Addressing Preferences...
      • Directory Server: <name of the address book created above>
  • Always search LDAP directory even if there are matches in the local address book
    • Application menu (three horizontal lines) - Preferences - General - Config Editor... (at the bottom)
    • ldap_2.autoComplete.skipDirectoryIfLocalMatchFound = false

Note: possible Problem with user certificate

If you have a user certificate in Thunderbird, Thunderbird uses it when accessing the KIT-AD.

If you have set "Select one automatically" under "Application menu (three horizontal lines) - Preferences - Privacy & Security - Certificates - When a server requests my personal security certificate", you will not get any search results for about 2 minutes during the first search query after starting Thunderbird.

If you have set"Ask me every time", the first search query after starting Thunderbird will show this selection window and you can click "Cancel". Otherwise you will not get any search results for about 2 minutes.