• Backup & Archive

  • On the one hand, this service provides KIT employees with the option of backing up computers, and on the other hand, data can be archived via the bwDataArchive service.

General information

Backups allow you to restore your data (computer) to the situation it was before the last backup cycle. Backup cycles can be started automatically or manually and at times you prefer. Configure a proper backup routine to protect against data loss in case of hardware loss or failure. Backups do not protect against ransomware, that is up to your virus protection program, but allows at least restoring to the situation to a time before your files became encrypted. All files that have changed since the last backup are saved. SCC currently offers different backup services for personal computers and for servers and data bases. More information can be found here.

Archiving scientific data
Archives on the other hand are copies of your data that no longer need to be on your hard disk but may not be deleted. Storage time is 10 years and for extra protection data is written to separate media on 2 disparate locations. Starting from 1.1.2017 SCC operates a new archive service. This service replaces the TSM based archives. New archives must use the new service. Existing archives must be migrated.

For archiving scientific data you should use the service bwDataArchive instead of the backup service.

Time of use

All services are available 24/7 except during maintenance. Maintenance will be announced well in advance.


Please use this online form to register your backup, after which you will receive information on location and installation of software as well as instructions about how to use the service.

Registration for the archive service can be done at this online form.

Signing off

Please ask your IT officer (ITB) to cancel your service(s). Unregistering for the archive service be done on-line.


Please contact the data protection team.

IT security

Access to backups and archives is secured with passwords. Depending on the service, you can use your KIT credentials or you will be handed a different account and password. In the case of sensitive data we recommend to encrypt data before it is send to backup or archives. Instructions can be found here <...coming soon...>

Access to the hardware backup and archive storage is limited to administrators of the SCC. Access to the locations of the hardware secured with a code card.

Included services

  • Software license
  • Individual support on the backup and archiving service (e.g. efficient use or special requests)

  • Users are informed by e-mail on certain conditions regarding the status of the services.

Organizational requirements

  • Users must have a KIT (employee or member) account.

Technical requirements


The backup and archiving service is part of the basic IT equipment. There are currently no costs for users.