• Backup

  • The backup service IBM SP (Spectrum Protect) provides KIT employees with the possibility of regular, automatic backup of Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.


Data protection / Backup

With backup you create a copy of your current data. The copy serves as a backup in case of accidental deletion or hardware failure. The data is saved incrementally, which means that only current changes are transferred to the backup system. In contrast, archiving saves data long-term as a complete package that cannot be changed. The SCC provides the bwDataArchive service for this purpose.A data backup allows the data of a computer to be restored at the time of the last backup. Depending on your preference, the backup can be started automatically or manually. Set up a suitable backup routine to guard against data loss in the event of hardware damage. A backup does not protect against 'ransomware', against which an antivirus program should be installed, but it does allow files to be restored before they have been encrypted. All files that have changed after the last backup can be restored.

Usage times

Backup and restore of data is possible at any time. Restoration may take some time depending on the amount of data backed up.
The services are not available during scheduled and early announced maintenance periods.


Registration to use the backup service is done via an online form. Users will receive the information needed to install the software and use the service by e-mail with the registration confirmation.


The backup team will be happy to advise you. Contact person see above.

IT security

Access to data backup and archiving is by password. Depending on the service used, the KIT account or a separately provided account can be used. For sensitive data, encrypted transfer and storage is strongly recommended, possible options can be found in the installation instructions. The hardware components (media, drives, ...) of the backup service are only accessible to the administrators of the SCC. Furthermore, access to the locations of this hardware is possible only with authorized code card.

Included services

  • License for the required software.
  • Individual consultation on the backup service (commissioning and general questions).
  • Users are informed about the status of the service by e-mail in certain situations.

Organizational requirements

Users must have a valid KIT account (employee or guest and partner account).

Technical requirements


The backup and archiving service is part of the basic IT equipment. There is currently no cost to users.


  • No fetish disk images of the end devices
  • Devices that have not been backed up for 180 days will be completely deleted, including all backup data. One week before the deletion, an email is sent with a warning that the data will be deleted. If this device is the last of the user, the user will also be removed from the backup system.
  • if a user has not performed a backup 30 days after registration, this user will be removed from the backup system
  • backup from external storage media (CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, etc.) is not allowed. In case of legitimate interest, the data can be copied to the hard disk and then backed up.