• Spamcheck

  • Automatic checking of e-mails for their spam score.
    For testing before sending mass emails or for independent error analysis.


Automatic checking of e-mails for a spam score. Can be used via the address spamcheck@scc.kit.edu.
This service is available for 24 hours a day. Mails must be sent from an email address ending with "kit.edu".

  • Prepare your email exactly as you want to send it, with attachments, links and formatting.
  • Instead of the final recipient, send your email to spamcheck@scc.kit.edu.
  • You will automatically receive the spam filter evaluation to the sender address (FROM).
  • The report contains
    • the spam score,
    • all factors (symbols) of the spam score and their rating,
    • the original message,
    • an assessment of whether your email would be filtered by the spam filter.
  • Contact the service desk if you need further assistance.

The spam score reflects the current assessments of KIT's central email servers. Other email servers will reach different conclusions but the general direction is usually the same. External factors like external blocklists are usually pretty volatile over time.

Organisational requirements

This service can be used from within the KIT network. Also organisations whose mail traffic is routed through the KIT mail servers may use it.