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Logging on to the SAP web portals with tokens

The two-factor authentication affects in particular the logon to SAP. The new login page will no longer ask for user and password, but will perform the login via the KIT Shibboleth service. To do this, simply click on "Continue".

Then log in to the "Shibboleth Identity Provider" as usual. At a normal workstation a click on "Use Windows Login" will be sufficient for this, otherwise log in here with the KIT account and password.

Afterwards you will be asked for the value of a token. Read the 6-digit code from a KIT token or the smartphone app and enter the code, or in an emergency use the first unused code from a backup list. Alternatively, plug in a USB token, wait a moment, and then touch the sensor surface.

You are then redirected to the SAP web portals and logged in.