• SAP systems

  • The SAP systems support a wide range of administrative business processes and are used by various service units. SAP ERP functions include financial accounting, procurement and materials management, human resources management and much more.

General information

The SAP ERP system supports a variety of administrative business processes and is used by various service units (FIMA, EVM, PSE, FM, ASERV, PB, TEC, OEP, FTU). The SAP ERP functions include
  • Accounting incl. asset accounting
  • Purchasing and materials management
  • Human resources management (personnel administration, payroll accounting, organizational management)
  • Budget management for public administrations
  • controlling
  • projects
  • Sales and distribution
  • Production and maintenance
  • Learning Solution (course management system)
Note: SAP ERP is only used by selected KIT service units. SAP applications that are relevant for all KIT employees, such as reporting(SAP-BW) or the creation of purchasing carts (SAP-SRM), are available in the User Portal (UP). For more information on the User Portal, see https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/16512.php

Organizational requirements

The SAP ERP system is available to KIT employees in service units via their KIT account and second factor (token). Appropriate authorizations are required to use the applications in the ERP system. To apply for authorizations, please contact the respective SAP specialist coordinator in your service unit.

Technical requirements

Access to the SAP ERP is via the SAP GUI, which is only used in selected service units. For security reasons, transport encryption to the ERP system is also required to use the SAP GUI. OpenVPN is used for this purpose.
  • within the KIT: VPN special access @sap with two-factor authentication
  • outside the KIT: VPN special access @sap-von-aussen with two-factor authentication
Further information on installing and configuring the VPN client can be found here: Installing OpenVPN
To set up the VPN connection, use the user name <kit-account>@sap
The password is a combination of your KIT password and your token, separated by a comma.
To log in to the SAP GUI, use the SAP account of your SAP user master.