• MS SQL Database

  • Hosting of databases or applications on the basis of MS SQL Server

MS SQL databases are provided by the MS SQL Server. MS SQL Server is a relational database management system from Microsoft for different application areas in networked environments with high data management requirements. MS SQL Server has extensive functionality for high availability and security of your applications.

Order: Via the SCC Service Desk (8000) with the keyword "Set up MS SQL database".
Connection to the SQL Server database module: We support you in the selection and setup of an interface for the connection to the SQL Server database module.
Consulting: About the SCC-Servicedesk (8000) with the keyword "database consulting desired".


Included Services


  • New installation and upgrading MS SQL Server
  • Consulting: reliability and redundancy
  • Setting up the necessary database according to performance class
  • Configuration of database and client permissions
  • Setting up users
  • Consulting: Backup Strategy


Not Included Services

  • Installing your application

Your Responsibility

  • Specification of the MS SQL version
  • Specification of user names and passwords
  • Estimation of the storage space requirement and the storage space development
  • Specification of database parameters (or default)


Organizational Conditions

  • Employees of KIT or external company employees on assignment of KIT.