NoPhish Online Training

Fraudulent messages use criminals on the Internet to harm you in different ways. NoPhish is an education and training concept for the detection of fraudulent messages, which was developed and evaluated by the research group SECUSO at the institute AIFB (the WiWi faculty). The concept consists of different materials: posters, flyers, infocards, videos, an on-site training, an Android app and an online training.

The NoPhish Online Training  has been offered at KIT to all KIT members (employees, students, guests, and partners with a valid KIT account) since February 2019 and will be supplemented by additional modules in October 2019.

The online training explains how criminals operate and how different types of fraudulent messages can be detected. The acquired knowledge is deepened in the form of exercises. The NoPhish online training consists of 12 modules. For each module you will need between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on your previous knowledge. Accordingly, it can be useful to work through the training over several days. You can interrupt the course at any time and continue it at a later date.

Whoever successfully passes the NoPhish online training, i.e. completes all exercises, receives the NoPhish certificate.

Participation in the training is voluntary.