Scholarship for students (Simulierte Welten)

What: Students do research in teams of two or three using mathematical methods and computers on issues arising from the research of companies and university institutes.

Who: Scientifically and/or informatically strong students from the 11th grade on at grammar schools in Karlsruhe, Ettlingen and Stutensee

When: About 10 - 12 meetings of two hours each spread over the school year.

Where: Steinbuch Centre for Computing, KIT Campus North

Scholarship contribution: Depending on performance up to 1000, - €

Registration: The registration phase for 2020 is not yet open!

The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has set itself the goal of contributing to the promotion of particularly gifted students. Within the framework of the project "Simulierte Welten", students from the 11th grade onwards are allowed to work on a project from the fields of computer science and natural sciences at SCC. They are supervised by a scientist of the SCC. They can choose from a variety of topics from the fields of simulation, high-performance computing and Big Data. This includes the opportunity to work on one of the 500 fastest supercomputers worldwide.

The following topics were offered for the 2019/20 school year:

  •     Flow Simulation
  •     Solar Energy Research
  •     Climate Change
  •     Voice recognition
  •     Storage of climate data
  •     Visualization of climate data
  •     Molecular dynamics
  •     High energy physics