IT workstation equipment

For the basic equipment of an IT workplace, the SCC provides some central services. The network services WLAN and fixed network, the data services data storage and bwSync&Share but also a support for workstation computers and mobile devices. Individually, all employees should inform themselves about digital certificates for e-mail or personal data storage. Below you will find a list of the relevant services.

Further information, hints and recommendations

IT officers in particular will find more details about Windows 10 on the info page, with advice on data protection, configuration management, device encryption and client management recommendations.

IT working environment and mobile devices
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)

The state service bwSync&Share is an online storage service for employees and students of universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg. It has been operated at KIT since January 1, 2014 and enables users to synchronize or exchange their data between different computers, mobile devices, and users.

Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)

This service provides an organizational unit of the KIT (OE) with a highly available and central data repository. This is called the OU directory.

Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)

This service provides every KIT employee with a KIT account with a high availability and central data repository for saving personal data and documents. In the following, this is also described as the **personal directory**.
The **personal directory** can **NOT** be shared with other users. It is independent of the OU affiliation of a KIT employee, i.e. the access does not change when the employee changes to another OU.


KIT students and staff can print A3 and A4 documents as well as large formats up to a maximum of 89cm on the short side on the central printers and plotters.

Hilfe & Support

Technical Client Support (TCS) is in charge of the centrally managed IT workstations at KIT. TCS sets up the workstation computers as well as connected components and configures them for centrally managed operation in the service units at KIT.


Provides session-based Windows desktops with installed standard software for KIT staff.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

The SCC provides operators of an OPSI server with a repository of "standard software" for their daily use, as well as the software which is covered by the campus license. 
The OPSI packages are updated immediately after the release of manufacturer updates, so that usually the latest versions are made available promptly.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Devices with network connection in the network of KIT (KITnet) communicate via this service and can access the internet and intranet, guest network, and contractors’ network.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

The WSUS service downloads updates from Microsoft servers and makes them available in the KIT's internal network.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Consulting on contract modalities of mobile devices (voice and data tarifs for mobile communications) and consulting on the selection of smartphones and UMTS sticks.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

The SCC has its own software shop for distributing the software to employees and students.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Application installation and updating on local PCs is done at the SCC via Open PC Server Integration (OPSI). OPSI is used for the centralized management of software at the SCC.
This service is not yet offered for the KIT facilities. However, the SCC is prepared to provide consulting support and provides OPSI operators with a central repository for OPSI packages.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Virus protection at KIT

This IT service offers KIT employees centrally managed and up-to-date virus protection for notebooks, desktop PCs and servers.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

The KMS service enables the automatic allocation and activation of Windows and Office volume licenses.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte
Zugang zum Wireless-LAN (Intranet / Gastnetz des KIT / eduroam)
IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Certification service based on X.509 certificates for users and servers with associated documentation.