• Cutting table

  • For cutting large-format print media, the SCC provides a professional cutting table with a cutting width of 1,800 mm. It is located in the basement of the SCC directly next to the elevator shaft and can be used by all KIT members free of charge and without registration.


Terms of use

• Dienst steht nur am CS im Raum -140 zur Verfügung
• Für alle KIT-Mitglieder kostenfrei und ohne Anmeldung


Service description

Professional cutting table with 1.800 mm cutting width.

Please note: The cutting table is a precision device with a very sensitive cutting blade. To avoid premature dulling of the knife and wear of the knife carriage, simultaneous cutting of several layers of paper is not permitted. The cutting table is exclusively intended for cutting paper types as used in Print&Plot (max. grammage: 190 g/sqm). Cutting other materials such as plastic cards and boards will destroy the machine.