CAMMP day - mathematical modeling day


Students experience an authentic application of mathematics, gain insight into current research fields, and model mathematically. The workshops offer an application-oriented insight into the problem-solving strategies of numerous STEM professions and courses of study. See below for a detailed description of the topics offered.
Who: Middle or high school classes/courses (depending on topic selection). See the table below for information on necessary prior school mathematics knowledge.
When: 4-5 hours, block event (on request also spread over several school lessons).
Where: Online or at KIT. Supervision by KIT scientific staff
Cost: free of charge
Registration: Dates and concrete planning can be arranged individually by mail.

Our material can also be used in schools as an online workshop with students or integrated into lessons. Our learning materials are available online on a platform for direct use in class. Contact us for further access information! 

The following workshops are available:

  Topic At least grade Previous knowledge Possible contents
Animated movies 11 concept of functions, interpolation interpolation
Image classification and machine learning 10 vectors vectors, scalar product, distance point straight/plane
Computer tomography 11 Straight lines in R2, calculation of intersections Inverse  problems, parameter representation of straight lines and planes, matrices
Data compression



concept of functions

vectors, matrices

functional equations, trigonometric functions

matrices, vectors and their multiplication

Evolution 8 relative frequency, arithmetic mean, median, proportionality Handling of data, distance measurement, transition matrices and stochastic processes, clustering methods, metrics
Fitness tracker 9 concept of functions functional equations, trigonometric functions
Google 10 systems of linear equations probability concept, limit value, transition matrices
GPS 10 system of equations systems of equations, tangent equations in three-dimensional space, compensation calculation
Climate change 10 concept of function, differential calculus, arithmetic mean linear regression analysis, coefficient of determination, hypothesis tests
Climate records 10 Probabilities and random experiments, path rules Handling data, law of large numbers, Laplace probability, path rules, stochastic independence, expected value
Cooling process of metal 11 differentiation, difference quotient, integration, sum of rectangles Inverse problems, differentiation, difference quotient, integration, sum of rectangles, measurement error
Netflix 10    
Shazam 9 concept of functions functional equations, trigonometric functions
Solar energie



angle pairs

geometry, trigonometry, angle relations in triangles

integration, optimization

Social networks 7 First experiences with Boxplots relative frequency, arithmetic mean, median, span, quartile distance, box plots
Word predictions 10 absolute and relative frequencies, probabilities and random experiments transition graphs, transition tables, n-th order Markov chains, weighted mean, logarithm function, optimization



Sources of the images:

Animated movies
Image classification and machine learning
Computer tomography
Data compression
Fitness tracker
Climate change
Solar energie
Social networks
Word predictions 


Unterrichtsmaterial zur mathematischen Modellierung