• Microsoft Copilot - Access with commercial data protection

  • The service provides access to the AI application Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection for KIT members who have agreed to use MS cloud services. The advantage of this access is that user and business data is protected and does not reach the outside world, chat data is not stored, Microsoft has no access to it and it is not used to train the models.

General information

The SCC provides secure access to Microsoft Copilot. Copilot is based on generative AI models such as GPT-4. It enables interaction in natural language and can process and interpret both text and images.

Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection offers increased data protection. This means that when using Microsoft Copilot, the chat data is not stored, Microsoft does not have access to the data and the data is not used to train models.

Note: All KIT members who have agreed to use Microsoft cloud services have secure access to the generative AI Microsoft Copilot (see Organizational requirements). Secure access requires authentication with the KIT account via the central KIT login page. Please click on the login button at the top right. After logging in, your personal login name will be displayed next to the KIT logo in the top left-hand corner of the website next to the green symbol with the word "Geschützt" (protected) (top right).

Further sources of information at KIT

The Center for Media Learning (ZML) offers various information on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), including for Copilot and its use.

Services included

Secure access to the AI application. This offers more extensive functions as well as assurances and restrictions in the context of commercial data protection. These include:

  • Prompts and responses are not saved.
  • There is no chat history.
  • Chat content is not used for training.
  • No third-party extensions are supported to prevent data leakage.

In addition, KIT members can use the Copilot apps from the app stores on mobile devices.

Services not included

The SCC does not provide advice or support for the use of Copilot.

Organizational requirements

To prevent (business/personal) data from being leaked, the freely available Copilot and/or ChatGPT should NOT be used in a business context!

You can only log in to MS Copilot if you have already agreed to use Microsoft Cloud in the SCC self-service portal.

Technical requirements

Internet access and internet browser