Outlook for Mac KIT Mailbox


  • The new Outlok for Mac does not support Exchange accounts (on-premises) and therefore cannot be used with the KIT mailbox. However, you can easily revert to the old version of Outlook by clicking "Restore".
  • IMAP accounts in the new Outlook for Mac are syncing with the Microsoft Cloud since around January 2023. This is not allowed at KIT. Instead, return to the old Outlook for Mac (see above) to be able to use an Exchange account or disable synchronization with the Microsoft Cloud when setting up the IMAP account.



  • When you first start Outlook, you'll be greeted by a wizard to set up your account, which you should follow. If not:
    • Outlook - Settings - Accounts - Add email account.
  • Enter your email address: <email address>
  • Continue
  • Enter the following data
    • Method: Username and password
    • Email Address: <email address>
    • DOMAIN\username: KIT\ab1234
      (Students: KIT\uxxxx)
    • Password: Your corresponding password
    • Server (optional): <leave blank>
  • Add account
  • Done

The Outlook configuration is successfully completed.