Parallel to the CAMMP education laboratory, RWTH Aachen, there is another CAMMP location in Karlsruhe. We are closely connected with the education laboratory in Aachen and continue to carry out joint projects.

At KIT we complement the Simulierte Welten Project (SCC) and the education laboratory mathematics (Faculty of Mathematics). With our offer in the field of mathematical modeling with computer use for pupils, we are a link between both partners.





Education Lab CAMMP from RWTH Aachen




Simulierte Welten




Education Lab Mathematics from KIT Karlsruhe


Partners - The following organisations support the CAMMP project:




Bürgerstiftung of the region Aachen

Source: MathSEE KIT-Center



MathSEE KIT-Center






MINTec Academie


Partners - The following companies and institutes have so far participated in the project


Scientific Computing Center (SCC, KIT)

Automatic recognition of diagrams in codes (2018, provided by Dr. D. Tonne)

Runtime prediction and scheduling in high performance computing (2018, provided by M. Soysal)

Optimal crystal structure in the ground state (2018, provided by M. Ahmad)

Automatic recognition of initials in letterpresses (2019, provided by Germaine Götzelmann)

Optimized data access in distributed computing systems (2019, provided by Dr. Max Fischer and Dr. Eileen Kühn)

3D reconstruction of the old town of Bremen (2019, provided by Dr. Markus Götz)




Institute for Applied Computer Science and Formal Description Methods (AIFB, KIT)
Optimal decision behaviour for interactions during autonomous driving (2018, provided by K. Kurzer)

Source: d-fine


Consulting firm d-fine

Prediction of bike-sharing rentals (2019, provided by Oliver Wohak)