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If there´s no English information available please use the German counterpart. We are working on the English translations right now and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Network access (internet, wifi, vpn)

This service provides the user with external (INTERNET) access to internal resources of the KIT (INTRANET).

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte

Devices with network connection in the network of KIT (KITnet) communicate via this service and can access the internet and intranet, guest network, and contractors’ network.

IT-Arbeitsplatz & Mobile Geräte
Zugang zum Wireless-LAN (Intranet / Gastnetz des KIT / eduroam)

Protection against unauthorized access to network segments inside the KIT (firewall).

Netzzugang (Internet, WLAN, VPN)

The time service ensures synchronized time on distributed computer systems. Various other services require a synchronized time.

Netzzugang (Internet, WLAN, VPN)

This service makes it possible to transfer exactly the same WLAN conditions that apply on campus to the home office. The service is currently still in the pilot phase. Interested IT officers (ITB) should contact the WLAN support.

Netzzugang (Internet, WLAN, VPN)

Consulting, planning, AVA, building monitoring, network design for new and extensions of the LAN/WAN on Campus North.