• ITB Portal

  • Information and interaction portal for IT officers at KIT. Informations and tools (e.g. SCC ticket system and SCC change calendar) are provided here by the SCC in to support the partnership cooperation between the SCC and the IT officers at KIT.


Via the portal, the IT officers (ITB) at KIT have access to relevant detailed information from the SCC, such as the SCC change calendar, the 2nd level contact persons from the SCC and much more. Furthermore, the ITB can enter their own orders/tickets into the SCC ticket system via a separate access.

We hereby underline the expansion of our partnership with the IT officers and look forward to feedback and ideas.
Mrs. Junker, Mr. Grindler and Mr. Lorenz are always available for questions.

Access to the portal via address https://team.kit.edu/sites/kit-itb

Via SCC Admin Tools you can find additional administration tools such as

  • WLAN guest accounts
  • group administration
  • user administration

Furthermore, IT officers are provided with instructions and FAQs on ITB-relevant services/tools.

Services included

  • Detailed information on scheduling and content of planned changes to the SCC's IT environment.
  • Access to the SCC ticket system (recording, tracking and closing of enquiries and fault reports)
  • Information on SCC contact persons


Organizational Conditions

Users must be officially designated as ITB by the head of the OU. The application form for the ITB designation must be completed and signed by the OU management and sent to the SCC per itb-manager@scc.kit.edu. Access to the ITB portal is possible as soon as the nominated person(s) has/have been included in the group of IT officers of the OU.

Technical conditions

  • System access with KIT user account or KIT admin account
  • intranet access
  • PC with web browser