Der Supercomputer HoreKa am KIT ist mit den leistungsfähigsten Recheneinheiten für KI ausgestattetKIT-SCC
Helmholtz AI computing infrastructure put to the test

As in the previous year, Helmholtz AI researchers joined a benchmarking study to analyze the center’s position in the computing infrastructure market — and the results are finally out!

Symbolbild zeigt zwei nah beieinander liegende abisolierte Leitungsenden, die einen Blitz erzeugen.
Registration open: 2nd AI-HERO Hackathon on Energy Efficient AI

Helmholtz AI, Helmholtz Imaging, HMC, KCDS, NHR@KIT and HIDA are excited to announce the 2nd AI-HERO Hackathon on Energy-Efficient AI on June 19 - 21, 2023.

Dr. Lisana Berberi präsentiert Projektergebnisse auf der Konferenz
EU project EOSC-Pillar in final phase

EOSC-Pillar held its final conference last October at the Bibliothèque National de France François-Mitterrand in Paris and will end on December 31, 2022. The SCC also presented its project results.

Symbolbild mit der Zugangskachel, Anmeldebutton und der Webadresse des Portals
User Portal (UP) - the new version of the SAP Web Portal

The User Portal (UP) for SAP applications is now available to all KIT employees. UP is the next version of the current SAP web portal and is based on the new concepts and technologies of SAP.

HAICORE-Logo mit dem Schriftzug Helmholtz AI Computing Resources
Simplified access to more AI resources in the Helmholtz Association.

For more than two years, the SCC has operated dedicated AI resources for AI research within the Helmholtz Association. A new operating model now simplifies access even further and increases capacity.

Matrix Logo (zeigt den Schriftzug "matrix" mit kleinem m)
Matrix - new service for real-time communication

On October 15, 2022, the new Matrix service will be launched at KIT, enabling secure, encrypted real-time communication in a simple way. Among other things, text messages can be sent and calls or video calls can be made.

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