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Steinbuch Centre for Computing

D-76128 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 608-43754 South or -25601 North
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Service Desk - Central contact point IT matters
Changed opening hours:
17.12.-21.12. 09:00-16:00
27.12.-04.01. 10:00-13:00
Tel. +49 721 608-8000
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KIT-CERT - Security / computer abuse
Phone: +49 721 608-45678
Fax: +49 721 608-945678
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Current announcements


The Steinbuch Centre for Computing is the information technology centre of KIT and ranks among the largest and most efficient scientific computing centres in Europe.


Blick in das Datenarchiv am SCC
Science Data Center MoMaF at KIT

SCC supports the establishment of the new Science Data Center for Molecular Materials Research at KIT by integrating it into the research structures of its partners and by providing established RDM services.

Logo des Softwareprojekts Ginkgo
Better Scientific Software

The blog post "The Art of Writing Scientific Software in an Academic Environment" describes the design process to create software of high reliability and quality.

Gauß-Allianz Infoletter February 2019

Among others with these topics:

- Hardware extension for Data Analytics at the ZIH
- Infrastructures for Earth System and Climate Models
- Funding for national supercomputing

Logo des internationalen Safer Internet Day 2019
Safer Internet Day at KIT

Under the motto "Protecting the KIT IT infrastructure together", KIT is participating in the international Safer Internet Day 2019.

CAMMP - Ein erfolgreiches erstes Projektjahr

Das Projekt CAMMP - Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program - gibt es seit dem 01.01.2018 nicht mehr nur an der RWTH Aachen, sondern auch in Karlsruhe am KIT.

Virtualisierte Server- und Anwendungsinfrastruktur im Land (bwCloud SCOPE)
bwCoud SCOPE - New Service

The service provides virtualized server and application infrastructure as a cloud service for employees and students of universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg.