• Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

  • Provides session-based Windows desktops with installed standard software for KIT staff.

General Information

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)" provide all KIT employees access to a unified "Windows Desktop" with pre-defined applications (see Included Services section). This service can be used on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android or Linux operating systems). A further advantage is high performance use of the remote applications even via slow Internet connections or the mobile Internet, as the documents will not be downloaded to the end-user devices for use. Only the screen contents, mouse and keyboard actions are transferred to the client.



- Active and inactive sessions will be terminated when scheduled maintenance activities are in progress.
  Unsaved settings and documents will be lost.
- Inactive sessions are terminated after 24 hours.
- Program settings are permanently stored in an individual RDS profile.
- RDS profiles are deleted after 6 months of inactivity.



There is no need to register  to use this service. The service is available as part of the basic IT infrastructure (ITGA) without individual billing.



To have your profile deleted at any time, please contact SCC ServiceDesk



Both the authentication as well as the data transfer will be encrypted. Your data remains on the network drives you connect (e.g. your OE share or your personal home directory) or in your RDS profile.


Included Services

  • Access to the RDS server farm rds.scc.kit.edu.
  • The following KIT standard applications are available ( version 01/2023):
    • 7-zip
    • Adobe Reader
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • IrfanView
    • KeePass
    • Notepad ++
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • PDF Creator
    • Putty
    • SAP GUI 7.60
    • SAP Business Explorer
    • WinSCP


  • The operating system has been installed in English, the applications have been installed in German.
  • SCC also provides a collection of "Portable Apps" via the network address \\sccfs.scc.kit.edu\service\scc\software\portable-software .
  •  Access licences for RDS Services.
  •  Support for all RDS clients listed in the service description.
  •  Daily backup of user profiles with a minimum storage period of 14 days.
  •  Individual advice on the RDS service.


Services not included

The Remote Desktop Services is based on sharing a common Windows server between many users. The fixed software is therefore available to all users the same way. Individual customization is not possible.


  •  KIT employees with a valid KIT user account.
  •  Employees from external companies and students will not have access to the service.


Technical Requirements

RDS Clients supported by SCC:

Access via a remote desktop connection using the above client program. Please enter your user name using the form KIT\ab1234.

If you want to work with RDS in your home office or from other external networks, you need a VPN connection before logging on to RDS: 
KIT - SCC - Services - Working Environment - Network Access (Internet, WLAN, VPN) - Remote Access (VPN) - OpenVPN


RDS-ADM for IT Administrators

For IT administrators with the role "OE-Admin" at KIT, SCC provides access to KIT administration tools.


Included Services

  • Access to  rds-adm.scc.kit.edu.
  • predefined Software and Administration Tools (09/2018):
    • Remote Server Administration Tools
    • GPO Editor
    • AD-Konsole