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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which operating system license is a qualifying base license for Windows 10 Education / Enterprise from the EES contract?

The qualifying operating systems for Windows 10 are listed at For KIT, the column on the far right of the table applies.
Do I also need a qualifying base license for Windows Server or for Microsoft Office?
How do I get a license key for Windows or Office for lab computers without network access?
The licenses from the EES contract contain so-called Multiple Activation Keys (MAK). These are license keys that can be used for a certain number of activation processes. When the number is reached, the MAK can no longer be used, but the product activated with it remains activated. If an MAK is locked due to misuse, all products activated with that MAK are deactivated and must be reactivated with a new MAK.
The SCC will provide ITBs with a valid MAK for Windows and for Office upon request. The SCC will not assume responsibility or associated expense if this MAK is disabled.
According to the new EES contract, where is Office 2019 still allowed to be installed?
Office 2019 (i.e. the volume license version that activates on the KMS) may be installed on max. one personal computer of a KIT employee. If the employee requires additional computers with Microsoft Office, the Microsoft 365 version of Office must be used on the additional computers.
Office 2019 may also be installed on all KIT computers that are publicly accessible. This includes, in particular, pool rooms and loan devices.
Furthermore, installation is permitted on removable workstations for the exclusive use of employees.
Sources: Product Terms, paragraphs 2.6.1, 2.6.3; Product Group statement: "Customers are not granted an extra on-premises license for Office Professional Plus for shared desktops. Based on the following terms, the licensed users may install a local copy of Office Professional Plus for their own use. According to a statement we received from the Business Group, it would be compliant, if another licensed user accesses this copy on a shared device, so it is not necessary to have multiple Office installations on the same device."
Can remote access to devices be set up in pool rooms, labs, etc.?
No, according to the terms of the EES contract, KIT may not allow remote access to software installed on PCs in freely accessible labs or libraries.
I am an ITB and all of a sudden I cannot access the Microsoft software share of the SCC (\\\service\scc\software\microsoft).

This is probably because you are already accessing \\ with another account.

You can check which account you are using which resource in two different ways:

  • klist
  • wmic netuse get name,username

If you have determined that you are connected to \\ with the wrong account, you can open the Windows Credential Store and delete the stored credentials:

  • rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr
  • cmdkey /list

For example, you can delete a specific entry with cmdkey /

Can the Microsoft 365 software licensed via the EES contract be used privately?
No, use for private purposes is not permitted. A discounted Microsoft 365 product that can be used privately can be purchased at, for example.