• wifi2vlan Zugang

  • Direct WiFi access in the institute’s own networks.


This services gives the possibility to have direct access via Wi-Fi to the VLANs of the institutes, especially to VLANs which are protected from the KIT intranet by decentralized firewalls.
Of course only authorized people can get access (in the following referred to as wifi2vlan clients) to the VLAN (in the following referred to as target VLAN).


The activation of the target VLAN for authorized users is done by the Wi-Fi team of SCC. The activation can be done by the ITB of the OE via the ticket system for ITB via the service request under


The activation of the target VLAN can be cancelled informally like it is for the ordering.


Support is offered by the Wi-Fi team of the SCC. Contact: wlan@scc.kit.edu
IT security
The access is encrypted using the 802.1X/WPA2 Enterprise Standard.

Organizational prerequisites

Authorization is granted via the group <OE>-WLAN-<target VLAN name> in the group administration portal (https://team.kit.edu/sites/scc-admin-tools/gruppenverwaltung/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Homepage.aspx), which means it can be managed by the ITBs themselves.

Technical prerequisites

The access happens via SSID “KIT”.
The configuration is – apart from the username – the same as for “KIT”.
Only the username is username@destinationVLAN-name.w2v.kit.edu instead of username@kit.edu