• Flexitime recording system

  • The SCC manages the hardware and software of the flexitime recording system. This includes the flexitime terminals installed at KIT for recording clock-in and clock-out times and the associated backend system.

General information

Flexitime is recorded using the KIT Card at the flexitime terminals installed at KIT.

If an organizational unit participates in Employee Self Service (ESS), time bookings can also be made via the User Portal (UP) (https://up.scc.kit.edu/).

The SCC is responsible for the flexitime recording devices (procurement, installation, maintenance) and for transferring data from the flexitime recording server to the SAP system.

Questions about personal flexitime balances are answered and researched by the time management officers in Personnel Services(PSE).

Organizational requirements

Employees who participate in flexitime.

Technical requirements

Working time is booked using the KIT Card.

Further information

General information on flexitime at KIT: www.pse.kit.edu/1954.php

Information on the time recording system at KIT: www.pse.kit.edu/1974.php