Endpoint Security for Mac

Current version / Downloads

The current version with further information can be found at https://antivirus.scc.kit.edu/content/mcafee/endpoint_security/mac/.

Supported platforms Endpoint Security

A current list can be found at https://kcm.trellix.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB84934.

Installation notes

As a general rule, any software installation can only be performed under an account with local administration rights. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to uninstall any anti-virus software already present on the computer beforehand and to restart the computer if necessary.

Please note: When installing the Endpoint Security for Mac virus scanner, three modules are offered: the Threat Prevention module (the actual virus scanner), the Firewall module and the Web Control module. Currently, only the Threat Prevention module and the Web Control module should be installed (select only these modules during installation). For the firewall module, the usability is currently being investigated at KIT. On managed systems, the firewall module is automatically uninstalled again unless the IT admin in charge makes other settings.