CAMMP week

The CAMMP week is a modeling week in which students of the upper secondary school, together with teachers and scientific support, discuss real problems of the research of companies or university institutes.

Some examples are the following problems:

  • How do you have to design solar power plants to make them competitive? (TSK Flagsol)
  • How can robots be controlled in space flight to take soil samples? (Enceladus Explorer Initiative, DLR)
  • How can the bus routes in your city be optimized so that the bus finally arrives on time? (IVU Traffic Technologies AG)
  • How can optimal bone implants be developed for accident victims? (University Hospital RWTH Aachen)

Each group receives an individual assignment of tasks, on which it conducts research within the five days. The groups are always supervised by a scientist. The student teams present their results to the company representatives at the end of the week as part of a representative closing event in Aachen or Karlsruhe. The families of the participants and representatives of the schools are cordially invited. During the week, there will also be a supporting programme with a sports competition, a barbecue evening and other leisure activities, as well as a study information event.

Two different formats of the CAMMP week are offered. To find out more about each CAMMP week, click on the links below:

Source: CAMMP


CAMMP week before the summer holidays 
in Belgium



MINT-EC Akademie in the summer holidays
in Karlsruhe