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  • KIT-ILIAS (Learning Management System)

  • ILIAS is a web-based learning platform (Learning Management System, LMS) for creating and publishing digital teaching and learning materials for e-learning. In addition, ILIAS supports communication and cooperation among teachers and students, offers the creation and execution of online tests, exams, and evaluations, and the implementation of didactic structures for complete courses. The platform is available to all teachers and students at KIT, access is via, login is done with the KIT account.

What does the learning platform do?

The KIT-ILIAS learning platform enables lecturers to offer lectures or courses via the Internet. In order to map university lecture operations virtually in a learning platform, it must be possible to provide the actual learning content in the system; in addition, possibilities for communication among learners and with the supervisors of a course must be offered.

The possible scenarios for using the system thus range from the pure storage of study materials, to the use of the system as a communication platform during lectures, to lectures and courses held entirely over the Internet.

In the area of actual learning content, the system is flexible so that lecturers can individually and variably determine the learning path of students through the learning material. For example,

  • the result of a test carried out in the system can serve as a condition for the further learning path
  • the learning content can be scheduled so that it can only be accessed during certain time windows
  • the learning content can only be accessed in a certain order or after activation by a tutor.

All media that can be distributed via the Internet can be used as the actual content of the lecture.

In addition, the learning platform provides integrated tools for communication and collaboration between the participants. Students can use ILIAS to ask questions to the lecturers or tutors or work on tasks in a workgroup in a shared workspace. The platform also provides discussion forums, chats and document directories as elements of a lecture. Students can thus be offered study material independent of location and time. The integrated communication tools considerably improve the exchange between the participants of a course, independent of any face-to-face appointments, office hours, locations, etc., and thus lead to a much more flexible teaching and learning situation.

In technical subjects, there is typically a regular practice session. The learning platform allows the virtual execution of these exercises by means of workflow tools. Students are provided with exercise sheets for downloading within a certain time frame; after working on them, students post their solutions in ILIAS until the deadline, after which the exercises are corrected and evaluated by the tutors. After the correction period, students can download the corrected exercise sheets with a sample solution.

What actual content can I offer via the learning platform?

The actual learning content of a lecture can be any content that can be distributed via the Internet, such as animations, PDF documents or HTML pages. These learning contents are created outside the system with the tools preferred by authors and transferred to the learning platform as building blocks of a lecture by means of a file upload.

ILIAS also offers its own learning objects, such as surveys and tests, which are created and managed directly in the learning platform itself. In the learning platform, the uploaded content and the elements created in the system are then structured into a lecture. A content management system integrated into the system allows the content placed in the system to be reused and shared in different contexts. In this way, with a suitable group and rights structure, cooperative creation and editing processes can also be mapped.

Organizational requirements

The service can be used by all KIT members or partners with KIT user account or guest and partner account. Registration is not necessary.

In order to ensure easy access to the learning platform for all students and teachers of KIT, employee, student, as well as guest and partner accounts are taken over from the identity management of the SCC. All these groups of persons thus have direct access to the learning platform. In order to have control over the participants of a lecture, it is possible to choose between different booking processes when creating the event.

Technical requirements

End device with browser and access to the Internet, e-mail.
Authentication is done via the KIT single sign-on system.

Further information and support

Further information on the use of ILIAS for lecturers can be found in ILIAS itself in the help and information area for lecturers.

The Center for Medial Learning (ZML) offers various ILIAS workshops in the use of ILIAS at regular intervals.

Further information, training offers and individual support on the topic of e-learning can be found on the web pages for e-learning services.

In case of technical problems or errors when using ILIAS, please contact the ILIAS support of the SCC by e-mail.