• Software Deployment with OPSI

  • Application installation and updating on local PCs is done at the SCC via Open PC Server Integration (OPSI). OPSI is used for the centralized management of software at the SCC.
    This service is not yet offered for the KIT facilities. However, the SCC is prepared to provide consulting support and provides OPSI operators with a central repository for OPSI packages.

Software Deployment with OPSI

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The software and operating system distribution mechanism open PC Server Integration (OPSI) is used at the SCC. The openSource tool is developed by uib GmbH in Mainz.

OPSI is a client management tool based on a Linux server for the administration of Windows and Linux clients. The core function of OPSI is the package-based automatable software and operating system installation. For this, uib GmbH uses its own scripting language. More information can be found on the uib website. Another function of OPSI is the automatic hardware and software inventory. In its basic function, OPSI is free of charge. Modules are offered by uib GmbH, which can be purchased.

If you have any questions about OPSI, please do not hesitate to contact the contact persons at SCC. Furthermore, there is a KIT-internal mailing list and a chat room in the KIT Instant Messaging Service. In the German Research Network there is a community of interest dealing with OPSI.