Application forms and online registrations

Please note that the procedure for extending the KIT account has changed since 01.10.2017, as announced by the IT experts and at the ITB meeting, and account extension requests are handled by DE Recht.
>> KIT interne Regelung zur Deprovisionierung

Campus North und Campus South Services

Virtual webserver (web account)
Access to bwUniCluster

Access for Student Accounts (KIT) for courses on the bwUniCluster

Access Form for NHR-System HoreKa (German - English)
Access Form for HAICORE System (German - English)
Access to bwForCluster
IT officer (ITB) Appointment/Update Appointment
Request forms for authorizations in the SAP web portal (shopping cart, P&L management, approval roles, reporting, etc.)
Documentation of the Mapping of Users to a HPC-Course-Account for Courses on
HPC-Systems of KIT


Campus South Services

Print & Plot
Request for lamination