Network and network connection

The KIT network (KITnet) consists of the coupled networks of the two sites CN and CS, as well as the connected locations outside. The two main sites of KIT are connected via glass fibers. Wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is used on these to realize dedicated connections in different channels. This also allows the overall capacity of the connection to be increased. On the intranet, internal resources are served with IP connectivity. The KIT is connected via IPv6 as well as via IPv4.

The KITnet is extended and operated by the SCC. The KITnet rules have to be followed by the users.

Internet access

The KIT is connected to the Internet via the Baden-Württemberg state university network BelWü and the German research network of the DFN across several campuses. The current total bandwidth of the external connection is 400 Gb/s. At the North Campus, the DFN connection is realized with two connections at 100 Gb/s each. To BelWü, there is one 100 Gb/s connection at the South Campus and one at the North Campus.

Connection of the branch offices

In addition to the two main campuses, KIT has branch offices in the city area as well as at much more distant locations:

  • Garmisch branch
  • Dresden branch
  • Western University
  • Mackensenkaserne (Campus East)
  • Individual buildings in the urban area

In the cities, the branches are preferably connected via leased dark fiber.